Council crisis – 5 MLCs absent at TDLP meeting


All political speculation is now on how TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu will save his party from the huge challenge in the Legislative Council. The YCP Ministers are making all out efforts to lure opposition MLCs to their side. Amid this, Naidu held the TD Legislature Party meeting in Amaravati today. Nearly 5 MLCs are absent at this meet. They are however in touch with the TDP leaders. They have given personal reasons for their absence. Despite this, Chandrababu is making sure that they will not slip away at the last moment. Political circles say that some of the 5 MLCs may shift their loyalties if not all. Already, 2 TDP MLCs openly announced their support to Jagan Reddy. Another MLC Dokka Manikya Vara Prasad has announced his resignation and also his decision not to attend the Legislative Council. With this, TDP strength came down to 31. Excluding Chairman and Deputy Chairman, TDP effective strength will be 29. Out of these, 24 TDP MLCs attended the party legislature wing meeting. As of now, TDP position looks safe.
The YCP target is to win over at least 12 TDP MLCs. YCP crisis managers are still using all tricks possible to win the numbers game in the Council. Jagan Reddy is unwilling to accept the tough political reality and pressing ahead with his bulldozing plans. But, Naidu is using all his management tactics to protect his MLCs at this crucial time ahead of Council session tomorrow. Can YCP change the equations overnight? Wait till tomorrow

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