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VH Condemns KCR’s adamancy towards GHMC strike


Congress senior leader and Rajya Sabha MP  V Hanumantha Rao said TRS government was destroying the reputation of Hyderabad in the eyes of national and international investors and visitors  by its refusal concede to legitimate demands of GHMC employees.

Government by its adamancy defeating the very objective of “Swachha  Hyderabad”, he remarked.

Participating in the Dharna organized by GHMC workers, he said, the demands of GHMC workers were genuine and chief minister KCR should conceded to them without delay.

“There has been no meaning in delaying settlement of strike. GHMC workers play crucial role in enhancing the image of Hyderabad as global city,” he said adding that “Bangaru Telangana is not possible as long as the government keeps certain sections of society unhappy.”

The three term-MP was critical of chief minister KCR attitude towards the strike of employees. “It clearly shows how thick skinned you are. You are taking light of a strike in which about 40 thousand people are participating,” he said.

GHMC workers have been on strike for the past six days making Hyderabad city stink.  Roads and streets have not been cleared cleaned. All corners of streets are littered with waste and garbage.

The workers inter alia demand a hike of salary of contract workers from present Rs 8,500 to Rs 14,750 and that of permanent workers from Rs 9,500 to Rs 17,380.

But, the government is reportedly only ready to make it Rs 12,000 per month only. As the government is not ready to relent from its insistence on Rs 12,000, the talks initiated by Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy did not yield any result today.

Referring to government adamant attitude in the talks, Hanumantha Raod said government should not make it a matter prestige.

“City is stinking. On one side you want to make Hyderabad a global city in the eyes of investors on the other, you want the GHMC workers languish underpaid,” Rao said adding he would join them to intensify the strike till their demands are conceded.

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I’m Like Like Bullet-proof Vest for Seemandhras


Greater Hyderabad Congress president Danam Nagender today clarified that he would not leave the Congress. Talking to media he said whatever being talked about was all speculation. “There appears to be some conspiracy behind these news about by possible crossing over to TRS,” he said adding that some leaders were trying to smoke me out of Congress.

Danam said the TRS government should not create a scare among the Seemandhra people living in Hyderabad. “You (KCR) are asking AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu to vacate Hyderabad. If you ask a chief minister to leave Hyderabad, how would you create confidence among Seemandhras living in Hyderabad,” he asked.   He said he would work to protect  interests of Seemandhra people like a bullet-proof jacket.

He alleged that GHMC officials were removing the names of Seemandhras from voter-list.

He appealed to Seemandhra people to take a stand against  the TRS government during GHMC elecctions. “You have voted out Congress for dividing the state. Then what about your stand on the TRS style of functioning,” he asked the Seemandhras living in Hyderabad.

Danam announced that he would take up padayatra in Hyderabad on the city’s civic problems.

He heckled CM KCR for pinning great hopes on GHMC elections.

“He will get disappointed,” he said.

He said he would tour across Telangana for the unity among the leaders of the party

Danam said chief minister KCR, instead of concentrating on the implementation of election manifesto, making tall claims. He should better reward first those students who fought heroically for the separate state.

On DS joining TRS, he remarked that DS would not enjoy the respect he commanded in Congress.









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Who Will Benefit From KCR’s Killing-Spree?


It is confirmed that senior Congress leader D Srinivas is joining TRS purportedly to help chief minister KCR, who , he said, was working hard to build “Bangaru Telangana”. Along with  Srinivas, many more second-rung leaders are expected to join the TRS.

Apart from Greater Hyderabad Congress leader Danam Nagender and former MLA Nandeswar Goud, several district Congress presidents are expected join the TRS. Names of few more Congress leaders such as former minister Sudarshan Reddy also are being talked about.

Now the question is who will benefit from the KCR’s continued killing-spree?

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has been poaching on MLAs from the opposition parties ever though he has enough strength in Assembly, probably with the hope that removal of leaders from the parties would destroy them and make TRS only  dominant party in the New Telangana state.

Branding as Andhra Party first he wanted to weaken the Telugu Desam party which had a strength of twenty MLAs in Assembly when it was formed in 2014 . Now, he finds Congress as the soft target, whose leaders, having lost power both at the centre and state, can easily be lured.

Observers consider the KCR”s poaching of Congress leaders will help TDP more rather than TRS. Liquidation of Congress from Telangana will pave the path for a direct confrontation with TDP. A multi-corner contest in general elections in 2019 will benefit TRS more as the anti-incumbency factor and anti-TRS forces would get divided between Congress and TDP. In the absence of strong Congress, anti-incumbency get consolidated under TDP.

Saner elements see suicidal element in KCR’s poaching of Congress leaders. “Congress is not an enemy party. He may need Congress in future. If he destroys Congress, he has to face a tough fight from Telugu Desam party, which has enough money and muscle power to meet the challenge posed by the TRS,” said a Congress leader. As the grand old party of India and as the party that pushed T-bill, Congress has its own base.


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DS in TRS: A Plus or Minus ?


Dharmapuri Srinivas’ defection to ruling TRS is unlikely to greatly change the political equations in Nizambad district.

D Srinvas (DS), a Munnuru Kapu, was a leader of standing in district some time back when TRS was not in the picture and TDP was the only rival.

After advent of TRS into the political arena,  Sriniva’s clout as the tall leader of the party began to fade away.His defeat in the past successive election bears testimony to this. The last election he won was the Assembly election held in 2004 from Nizambad Urban constituency, when Congress fought in alliance with fledgling TRS. He lost every election he fought later. In 2009 he lost to BJP candidate Y Lakshminarayana. In the by-election held in 2010, following the resignation of all Telangana MLAs demanding Telangana, D Srinivas could not wrest the seat from Lakshminarayana. He lost again by 12600 votes. He could not recover in 2014 election either, even after Congress granted the Telangana separate state.

He shifted his base to Nizambad rural. The Congress heavy weight was trounced by Bajireddy Goverdhan Reddy, who joined the TRS party just two days ago. The series of defeats have tarnished his image as a leader of Congress. In between the Congress nominated him to the Council. So, observers say his joining would not add up anything to TRS politically except for the negative publicity to the Congress.

Why TRS Wants DS

TRS wants to make Nizambad Lok Sabha Constituency pocket borough of Kavita, party MP and daughter of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. By weaning away all the opposition leaders, TRS wants the constituency an Amethi for Kavita. To achieve this goal, a strong hype need to be created in state about how Congress is becoming irrelevant. After DS, former Congress minister and senior leader Sudarshan Reddy is likely target of TRS. With this, Congress will be left with only leader, former MP Madhu Yaski, who is now AICC spokesperson in Delhi.

Last Ditch Attempt

Congress’ last ditch attempt to pacify D Srinivas has failed. Accompanied by TPCC working president Mallu Bhattivikramarkha, D Sridhar Babu, DK Aruna etc. PCC president N Uttamkumar Reddy tried to meet Srinivas this morning. But, before the team arrived at his Banjara Hills resident, DS had already left for the residence of chief minister KCR. The team got back to Gandhi Bhavan without meeting DS.

Srinivas is expected to send  his resignation letter to the party president Sonia Gandhi tomorrow.

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Four MLA’s in Line to Join TRS


Many more TDP MLAs from Telangana are reportedly in touch with TRS . This information has been revealed by Telangana transport minister Dr P Mahender Reddy. TRS appears to be upbeat over the news that senior Congress leader D Srinivas is expected to join the Party. The Telangana minister said MLAs from both TDP and Congress had joined TRS. He said three or four more MLA were expected to join the pink party. Mahender Reddy was talking to media to TRSLP meeting today. He did not give more details.


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Is DS Quitting Congress?


Former minister, twice PCC president, a party veteran from Telangana, “D Srinivas is planning to leave the Congress. He may join TRS. Joining BJP is  also not ruled out.”

This is the talk in Gandhi Bhavan, the Telangana Congress headquarters, and in Nizambad, Srinivas’ home town. Ask any of his aides, pat comes the reply, “What is the option before him?”

The party is insulting him, they allege.

The man, who earned the moniker of “winning-horse” in the company of YS Rajasekhar Reddy  from Congress high-command in his heydays, is now persona non grata in 10, Jan Path, Sonia Gandhi’s residence in New Delhi. After the defeat of the party in 2014 elections many T-Congress leaders have fallen from the grace of  party high command. One such leader is D Srinivas, who is popular as DS. DS expected renomination to the Legislative Council this time. It did not happen amid changed equations.

“He was not only denied the MLC ticket, but had been thoroughly humiliated by the party. The party picked up Akula Lalita from his home district. DS was not all informed about the decision. In fact, Sonia Gandhi thought of re-nominating him. But, some leaders like Digivijay Singh influenced her against DS,” one of his close aides told telug360.com.

It was not the only instance where he was not consulted.  On many issues, he was kept out of loop and one such important occasion was Rahul Gandhi’s Telangana visit in May, 2015.  When Rahul was in Nirmal in Adilabad district, DS was not allowed to meet the party vice president. According to his aides, of late even Sonia Gandhi’s office is also not enthusiastic about arranging madam’s audience to DS. When he brought his predicament in state party to the notice of party president through some friends, she had reportedly informed him that such issues should be tackled at the state level. It is in stark contrast to the respect he commanded from 10, Jan Path some time back.  Sonia Gandhi used to summon him to Delhi even at the slightest disturbance in the party before the division of the state. He was the only leader from Telangana to have unrestricted access to 10, Jan Path. His clout was so much before the 2004 election that while appointing him as the PCC president for united Andhra Pradesh, the then AICC general secretary in charge of the state Gulam Nabi Azad described DS and YS as winning horses. Again in 2009, calling him a winning horse, party appointed him as PCC president for the second term. On both occasions he lived up to his moniker.

Now, DS, who has been with the party since his NSUI-college days, is now totally cut off from the party.

His bad luck he could not win any election since 2009.

This is the background of the talk about his imminent quitting of the party.

Talking to telugu360.com, a close aide of DS admitted that TRS was one option as relations with party do not seem to returning to normality.

“TRS has been inviting him for quite some time. The party has even offered him local body constituency MLC seat for which election are likely to be held soon,” they say adding that some time back, BJP sources also had contacted him. “BJP has big assignment for him in Delhi,” they claimed.

According the aides DS is waiting for some rapprochement. Because, the former APCC president is finding it very painful to severe a 40-year long bond with Congress.







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Indira Gandhi’s Name Removed from Polavaram Project


Continuing the spree of removal of names from schemes and projects from Andhra Pradesh, Telugu Desam Government on Thursday removed the name Indira from Polalvaram project. Congress Government led by YS Rajasekhar Reddy named the Polavarm being built on Godavari as Indira Sagar Project. Today, the project has been rechristened as Polavaram Irrigation Project. A notification has been issued this afternoon.

APCC president Raghuvira Reddy condemned the re-naming of Indira Sagar Polavaram Project as Polavaram Irrigation Project. He Demanded that  Indira Gandhi ji’s name to the prestigious national project be restored immediately.” It is a brutal political decision of TDP Government” he said.


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Modi Recalls Emergency Times, Terms it Darkest Period


[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ays after BJP senior leader LK Advani told a leading daily that there could be return of emergency, prime minister Narendra Modi recalled the emergency period and termed it as India’s darkest period, as proclamation of emergency in India marks 40 years today.

Narendra Modi who inaugurated three development schemes to develop cities and towns has spoken his heart about emergency. Hailing late Jayaprakash Narayan, Modi said that a large number of people then resisted emergency and were jailed. The then government (Congress) made country into a jail, said Modi.

Explaining the horrific condition of the newspapers, Modi went on to say as to how newspapers were refrained from publishing fair views and how press came under scanner. Only All India Radio was allowed to function and it used to air what government deems it fit, added Modi.

Are these statements on press sending indirect signals to Chandrababu Naidu that they won’t be indulging in any acts that has to deal with curbing freedom of press? It’s a million dollar question.It is known that Andhra Pradesh CID recently served notices on a vernacular news channel for airing the alleged conversation of TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu.

(Phani B)

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Raghuveera for CBI Probe Against Naidu and KCR


APCC president N Raghuvira Reddy today urged governor to recommend the cash-for-vote and telephone tapping cases for a high-level inquiry by an organization like CBI or a sitting Judge.

As chief ministers of two states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were involved in the cases, they merit a central probe, he said in a letter written to ESL Narasimhan, who is the joint governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

He said both, AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu and Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar, were personally involved in the cases.

An impartial inquiry would be possible only when the governor assumes special powers under Section 8 of the State Reorganization Act-2014, he said in the letter.


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Congress Vie for Top Slot as War of Words Worsen


When two persons cross swords, it will undoubtedly become a great weapon to their common opponent. The situation in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh seems to be the same. While the chief ministers of Telugu speaking states are embroiled in war of words, the party that last ruled erstwhile Andhra Pradesh is playing a clever dice.

The recent statements of Raghuveera Reddy, V Hanumanth Rao and Shabbir Ali serve as shining examples to the above said hypothesis. It has to be mentioned here that Raghuveera Reddy recently tore the TDP manifesto. The matter of debate here is—why should he resort to such things after a year? While this question might not even hog the required light due to the heated arguments between the chief ministers, a careful examination at Congress actions will definitely make you pause and ponder.

Barely two days after Raghuveer’s strong comments, another leader from Congress– Shabbir Ali  is taking on Chandrababu Naidu demanding his resignation, stressing that NTR’s soul will be at peace in case Balakrishna is adorned as Andhra’s CM. He even lashed out at K Chandrashekar Rao and said that he would launch a movement against anti-farmer policies of KCR Government.

Sources said that Congress leaders apparently want to back on this issue and are reportedly discussing their strategies on attacking two political parties with a single sword. Will Congress emerge victorious in its attempt? Can it vie for top slot in two states? Let us wait and watch as Rahul Gandhi is likely to tour Andhra Pradesh this month.

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Raghuveera Slams Chandrababu, Tears TDP Manifesto


Congress senior leader and former minister  for agriculture in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, Raghuveera Reddy has made scathing remarks against Andhra Pradesh chief minister and TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu today as the latter is all decked up for ‘mahasankalpam,’ public meeting in Vijayawada.
Raghuveera Reddy, who tore the election manifesto released by TDP, at the time of elections last year, has said that TDP failed to fulfill 600 promises that it made before coming to power. Expressing his anguish over TDP rule, Raghuveera pointed out that Babu never granted any houses to the poor people.
On the contrary, he (Chandrababu Naidu) is renovating his own house, alleged Raghuveera Reddy. Chandrababu Naidu was setting up his camp office with a budget of three crore rupees, he added. He further said that TDP Government scrapped 12 lakh pensions in Andhra Pradesh.
A day after Botsa Satyanarayana jumped to YSRCP, it surprising that Congress leader Raghuveera, lashing out at Babu instead of taking on Botsa is apparently giving raise to new questions on Congress party’s strategy in Andhra Pradesh.


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Botsa Quits Cong, Joins YCP


HYDERABAD: Congress key leader, Botsa Satyanarayana resigned to Congress party and took membership of YSRCP on Sunday in the presence of its supremo YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Botsa Satyanarana, who held key posts when Congress formed government in the state, and even became PCC chief twice. Speaking about the need to shift to YSRCP, Botsa said this was the only political party that is an alternative to TDP in Andhra Pradesh. He even said that Congress didn’t deceive him in any way.

Speaking to the media post the joining formalities, Botsa said that TDP was damaging the future of the state. Also, he said that Babu was concentrating on urban development alone and ignoring the development of backward district–Vizianagaram. He even said  it can be presumed that all Vizianagaram Congress cadre joined YSRCP.

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Y.S. Rajashekara Reddy is a prominent political figure in Andhra Pradesh politics, who was predominantly responsible for bringing Congress back to power in the residuary Andhra Pradesh after a decade.


Born on July 8,  1949 in Pulivendula of Madras Constituency, YS Rajashekara Reddy studied M.B.B.S and apparently offered medical services at his residence at rupee one.  His father Raja Reddy was then a key Congress leader.


Rajashekara Reddy entered politics in early 1980s and served as minister of state for rural development between 1980-82.  He then held various portfolios such as excise ministry, education ministry till 1983.  He rose to prominence with his powerful speeches against the then chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu in the status of the leader of the opposition.


At a point of time when Congress party almost lost its hold in this Telugu speaking state, it was YSR who forged a powerful programme—Padayatra, through which he traveled extensively on foot and met several farmers. His emphathetic  approach towards farming issues and his strong opposition against the concentration of wealth in the urban development apparently attracted a large number of farmers as well as students, who were dissatisfied with the privatization policies of Chandrababu Naidu.


Eventually, YS Rajashekara Reddy steered Congress party towards success in 2004. YSR, who promised to provide free electricity to farmers, signed on that order that ensured free power, on the very first day of his governance.


He went on to implement several key developmental programmes such as Arogya Sri health insurance scheme (that offers corportate medical treatment to the downtrodden), free ambulance service in the state, college fee reimbursement and free houses to the poor.


While TDP primarily focusses on the urban development,  people of the rural regions-who eagerly awaited someone to address their issues-were apparently elated with YSR’s rule.

As a result of the development programmes his governance took up between 2004-09, Congress party won the general elections in 2009 for a consecutive second term.


He met with a tragic end on September 2, 2009 as the helicopter on which he was traveling crashed in Nalamalla forests. His son, YS Jaganmohan Reddy, who came out of Congress party and resigned as Kadapa MP, formed YSR Congress party based on the development programmes taken up by Congress party between 2004-09.


YSR’s phenomenal success—free ambulance service, is still prevalent in Telugu speaking states.

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