Yesterday family members of Samrat , Amit, and Deepthi visited the house and the complete episode focused on capturing the heart felt sentiments of the housemates. Today, the visits continued as family members of Tanish, Kaushal, Roll Rida and Geetha Madhuri visited the house today.

Tanish brother visited the house and Tanish became very emotional after seeing him. Tanish’s brother almost gave a shock to Kaushal. Actually when Deepthi was captain, Bigg Boss sacked her from captaincy as Ganesh was sleeping in the house. At that time, Kaushal argued with Tanish in front of all the housemates and told he felt very concerned as Deepthi lost the captaincy. But later, he went alone to camera and requested Bigg Boss to give the captaincy post ,which is vacant , to him. Nobody knows about this and Nani also didn’t talk about this in weekend episode. But Tanish’s brother reminded Kaushal about this in front of all the housemates and asked Kaushal, if he is really concerned, he could have requested Biggg boss to give captaincy back to Deepthi instead of asking it for himself. All the housemates, especially Deepthi, got shocked to know about this.

Later, Kaushal wife and kids visited the house. Kaushal got very emotional and he couldn’t control his tears by listening the voice of his kids. Housemates pampered Kaushal’s kids. Kaushal’s wife told him he is playing really well. Later Roll Rida’s sister came into the house and she tied him Rakhi. Last one to visit was Geetha Madhuri’s husband Nandu. But Geeta could see him only in video. As shown in promo, he will be coming in front of her in the next episode.

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