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Telangana BJP leader dares KTR to prove contract allegation


Telangana BJP leader Komatireddy Rajagaopal Reddy has threatened to file a defamation suit against Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) working president K. T. Rama Rao.

Rajagopal Reddy, who quit Congress and joined the BJP recently, challenged Rama Rao to prove his allegation that his company received Rs 18,000 crore contract from the Central government and in return, he joined the BJP.

Rajagopal Reddy said on Saturday that he is giving 24 hours time to prove his allegation.

“It’s time to call spade a spade. I openly challenge Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao. I am giving you 24 hrs time. Either you prove the allegation levelled against me about the quid-pro-quo nexus or be ready to face defamation,” tweeted Rajagopal Reddy.

Rajagopal Reddy was reacting to an earlier tweet by KTR. “Quid pro quo – open confession of the BJP MLA candidate from Munugode. His company gets a massive Rs 18,000 crore contract and in return he joins BJP,” wrote KTR.

The TRS leader also tweeted that Rajagopal Reddy’s brother and Congress MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy might follow in his footsteps.

KTR posted a video clip from a debate on a Telugu television channel. During the debate, Rajagopal Reddy revealed that the company received a contract worth Rs 18,000 crore in competition about six months ago while he has been talking of joining BJP for the last three years.

Rajagopal Reddy resigned as MLA and quit the Congress. He joined the BJP at a public meeting addressed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Munugode on August 21.

The by-election to the seat is scheduled to be held on November 3. Rajagopal Reddy is all set to enter the fray as BJP candidate.

During an informal chat with media persons on Friday, KTR had claimed that Rajagopal Reddy’s firm Sushi Infra received a Rs 22,000 crore contract from the Centre and in return, he quit Congress and joined the BJP. He alleged that the contractor imposed an unnecessary by-election on people of munugode.

The TRS also claimed that Rajagopal Reddy assured Amit Shah that he would spend Rs 500 crore to win the by-election.

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Rajagopal Reddy hits back at Telangana Congress chief


A day after announcing his resignation from the Congress, MLA Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy launched a counter attack on state party chief A. Revanth Reddy.

Hitting back at the state chief for calling him a traitor, Rajagopal Reddy said that Revanth Reddy has no Congress blood in him.

The MLA from Munugode dubbed Revanth Reddy an outsider and a political opportunist who insulted party chief Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders.

Rajagopal Reddy stated that under Revanth Reddy’s leadership, the Congress’ votes in Huzurabad constituency came down from 60,000 in 2018 to a mere 3,000 in the recent by-election. He said the Congress had to face humiliating defeat as its candidate forfeited his deposit.

Rajagopal Reddy, who also announced resignation as an MLA, dared Revanth Reddy to win the by-election in Munugode. He said the Congress cadres in the constituency will stand by him and they will never back Revanth Reddy. He said if Revanth Reddy comes to Munugode, the Congress will not be able to save the deposit.

On Revanth Reddy’s allegation that he was switching loyalties to the BJP to get a contract, the MLA challenged him to prove his allegation. “If Revanth Reddy proves his allegation, I will retire from politics,” he said.

Rajagopal Reddy also called Revanth Reddy a blackmailer. “His brand image is a blackmailer. Collecting money through blackmail is his quality,” he remarked and wondered how Revanth Reddy amassed crores of rupees without any business.

The MLA also reiterated the allegation that Revanth Reddy became state unit chief by offering money to some central leaders of the party. He alleged that the TPCC President was looking to loot the state by becoming the Chief Minister.

Rajagopal Reddy also said that Revanth Reddy changed four parties. “If such a person targets me, people will not believe him. He was jailed in cash for vote fraud. Do I need to learn principles from such a person,” he asked.

The MLA claimed that he resigned for self-respect of Telangana and to fight against family rule of K. Chandrasekhar Rao. “I am joining the BJP for a battle,” he said.

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Will Komatireddy Rajagopal exit hurt congress prospect in Telangana?


Senior Congress leader and Telangana legislator Komatireddy Rajgopal decision to quit congress and plans to join BJP is creating sensation in Telangana State. Congress which has already lost 12 MLA’s to TRS and left with only half a dozen MLA’s is struggling to come out of this mess and prove its existence in Telangana.

Apart from TRS, BJP is trying hard to wipe out Congress from Telangana. BJP has its own plans to wipe out congress from Telangana and play important role as main opposition and later form its government on its own. Once BJP gets its hold in Telangana then it would be easy for it to enter into Andhra.

So at this crucial juncture Rajagopal’s exit will definitely hurt congress, however, these type of conditions are not new to Congress and it is the responsibility of Congress high command to take this seriously and take strict actions and revamp the TPCC if required. It is also required for local leaders to save the cadre if leaders leave the party. As many leaders are unhappy with TPPC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy it would be good if high command gives a thought about a change of leadership.

At this point, Congress really needs a leader who has good public image and takes congress party into masses effectively. Party should go for young leaders like BJP did previously and take party activities into public instead of depending on Old horses who already lost their shine. If Congress high command does not act now then Congress will lose its existence to BJP.

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