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Mangalavaaram Movie Review

Mangalavaaram Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating:2.5/5

Mangalavaaram is one small film that kept the bars of expectations high because of the trailer. RX 100 fame Ajay Bhupathi is the director and Payal Rajput is the leading lady. Azmal, Ajay Ghosh, Divya Pillai, Ravindra Vijay and others played other prominent roles. Kantara fame Ajneesh Loknath scored the music and background score. Mangalavaaram is slated for a grand release today and here is the review of Mangalavaaram:

The story happens in 90s in a village named Mahalakshmipuram. Twin murders in the village creates a sensation and everyone is worried about what is happening. Illegal relationships are the reason behind this murders and the murderer writes about these relationships on the walls of the village. SI Meena (Nanditha Swetha) starts investigating the murders but the villagers raises objections for conducting postmortems for the dead bodies. All these murders takes place on Tuesday and the rest of Mangalavaaram is all about the force behind these murders. Mangalavaaram is also the story of Sailu (Payal Rajput) who is a nymohomaniac. Watch Mangalavaaram to know about the complete story.


Mangalavaaram is the story of Sailu but the film has several layers and sub-plots. The character of Sailu is introduced right before the interval episode. The film starts with the childhood story of Sailu and then about a series of murders that take place in the village. Though there is no great plot, it is the editing pattern, engaging background score that drives the film. Ajay Ghosh’s comic episodes are good and the first half is passable.

The real story starts after the interval. The first half brings the feel of a suspense thriller but the second half makes the audience feel that Mangalavaaram is a character-based story. Sailu’s flashback episodes and her struggle lack emotional depth and they are over-dramatic. The last 20 minutes of Mangalavaaram is packed with enough number of twists out of which some of them are thrilling. The director failed to unfold some of the twists in Mangalavaaram. There is no perfect link between the story of Sailu and why the murders are happening on Tuesdays.


Payal Rajput steps into a never seen challenging role. One needs guts to do such role. Payal delivered her best as Sailu and she believed in the vision of Ajay Bhupathi. Her role is restricted to second half and Sailu’s role has an overdose of emotions at times. The first half of Mangalavaaram is packed with unwanted elevations and they do not have any link with Sailu’s role and the second half of Mangalavaaram. Nanditha Swetha looks rugged in the role of SI. Ajay Ghosh is a huge relief and his role generates smiles. Chaitanya is good as Zamindar of Mahalakshmipuram and all the other role are limited.

Music composer Ajneesh Loknath is the real hero of Mangalavaaram. His sound design is fantastic and he carries the complete first half. The editing work too is quite crisp. The cinematography work too excells throughout the film. The production values are apt. As told by Ajay Bhupathi, the story of Sailu was never told before in Indian cinema. He sets a revenge drama around her story and tried to narrate it in a new manner. There are ample number of characters and roles from the village. Apart from an emotional drama, Mangalavaaram is laced with horror elements and thrills.

With lot of sub-plots and characters, Ajay Bhupathi could not do complete justice for the film. His work is elevated at times and the film is backed by a strong technical team. The last 20 minutes of Mangalavaaram is racy and impressive. There are lot of cinematic liberties throughout. Director should have worked more on Sailu’s pain and problem which was not well narrated. On the whole, Mangalavaaram ends up as an average fare and it will not be a disappointment.

Telugu360 Rating:2.5/5

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