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Manmohan Singh admitted to AIIMS after testing Covid positive


Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was admitted to the AIIMS for treatment after testing Covid positive on Monday.

He has been admitted to the Trauma Centre, said sources.

Wishes came in as the news spread.

“Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji, Wishing you a speedy recovery. India needs your guidance and advice in this difficult time,” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, in a tweet, said: “Just got the news that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Ji has tested positive for COVID. Sir, our thoughts and prayers for a speedy and full recovery.”

“My prayers for the speedy recovery and good health of Former Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh who has tested positive for #Covid19. May he get well soon and continue to guide us all with his experience and wisdom,” Congress’s Karnataka unit President D.K. Shivakumar.

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Ex-PM Manmohan Singh admitted to AIIMS


Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has been admitted to Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) after he complained of chest pain, sources said.

Dr Singh was brought to AIIMS at 8.45 p.m.

He is under the supervision of Dr Nitish Nayak. Singh is kept under observation at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

In 2009, Singh underwent a successful coronary by-pass surgery at AIIMS, a complex beating-heart operation that took nearly 14 hours.

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Jaipal Reddy always stood for righteousness: Manmohan


Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday described late leader Jaipal Reddy as a treasure of “wisdom and knowledge” and said that he always stood for “righteousness” and always opposed anything which he felt was unjust or wrong.

Speaking at a memorial meeting here for Reddy who passed away on July 28, the former Prime Minister said, “I am truly overwhelmed with various feelings as we gather here to pay homage to the memory of my dear friend, colleague and a mass leader Jaipal Reddyji.”

He said he was saddened to think that his dear friend Reddy was not among us at this time of great difficulty.

“Jaipal Reddyji was a treasure of wisdom and knowledge. He was my colleague in my Cabinet for 10 years and a lawmaker for 45 years,” Singh adding, “In his death, it would be no exaggeration to say that Indian politics has lost a brilliant parliamentarian, who packed his speeches with wit, criticism and in-depth information.”

The former Prime Minister said that although Reddy was a professional politician he proved to be an intellectual as well. He said, “A politician with a difference, he was an eloquent orator, a writer, a scholar and a witty speaker. He described himself as a proud Nehruvian socialist.”

Recalling the journey of Reddy, Singh said that he started as a student activist, rose to become president of the Indian Youth Congress from Andhra Pradesh, and then plunged into national politics braving polio among a host of other challenges.

“He went on to survive in the national arena for over four decades. He won four Assembly polls, five Lok Sabha elections, two Rajya Sabha terms and served in the Cabinet of four Union governments. And he bid farewell as a spotless leader who never faced any charge of corruption or impropriety,” Singh said.

“In a political career spanning over 50 years Jaipal Reddyji always stood for righteousness and always opposed anything which he felt injustice or wrong,” he said.

The former Prime Minister said that Reddy was always known for standing by his principles and his ideology.

“He was somebody that people looked up to, both in the public and also within the Congress leadership, and he never minced words in expressing his opinion. As we all know, Jaipalji was also a very articulate parliamentarian, who always stuck by whatever decisions he took as a minister whether it pleased somebody or not, he always went according to his beliefs,” Singh said.

Singh said, “He was a staunch supporter of statehood for Telangana and he played a silent yet crucial role in convincing the leaders towards taking the historic decision of dividing Andhra Pradesh and granting separate statehood for Telangana in 2014.”

The former Prime Minister said that it was Reddy’s farsightedness which was instrumental in bringing forth the Prasar Bharati Bill. “As Minister of Information and Broadcasting, he piloted the Prasar Bharati Bill to give autonomy to Doordarshan and All India Radio,” he recalled.

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CBN asks if ‘ CM Modi’ ever used PM Manmohan’s photo for Central schemes ?


“Did Narendra Modi as Gujarat Chief Minister give credit to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Advertisements?” asked Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Sunday. BJP leaders of AP critiqued TDP government for failing to put Modi’s picture on the posters of the programs being done by with the side of Central government. Naidu deplored the comments of the BJP leaders and noted that for his stature he need not do such things. “Even if the leaders of the state complain to the national leaders, the central government should understand the sincerity in such things”. He asked, “For how many central government programs did Modi print Singh’s picture?” Naidu noted that such comments are meaningless and should be condemned and reverted strongly.

Meanwhile, he told Eenadu that it is responsibility of central government to protect the weaker child. Comparing Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to Siamese twins, Naidu said, “When Siamese twins are separated by a surgery, it is the responsibility of Centre to keep the weaker twin in incubator and protect it. Till the malnourished twin becomes strong, it is the responsibility of those who separated the twin tokeep giving nutritious diet”.

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“PM Must Apologise”: Manmohan Singh’s Unusually sharp criticism on Modi


Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said he sincerely hoped that PM Modi will apologise to the nation for suggesting that Manmohan and others held a “secret meeting” with Pakistani officials to “influence” the outcome of the Gujarat elections. He called for an apology from Modi as the words are exploding in the backdrop Gujarat election.

Earlier, PM Modi made appalling comments that Pakistani officials met ex-PM Manmohan Singh and Mani Shankar Aiyar at a “secret” meeting. Mr Modi also raised questions about the alleged appeal by former director general (DG) of the Pakistan Army Sardar Arshad Rafiq for making senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel the chief minister of Gujarat. But it seems these comments from Modi are backfiring now.

Manmohan Singh who is known for his silence and calmness, no matter how big is a political issue, this time gave an unusually combative response to PM Modi’s charge. Manmohan Singh said: “I sincerely hope that Prime Minister will show the maturity and gravitas expected of the high office he holds instead of concentrating his energy solely on erroneously conceived brownie points. I sincerely hope that he will apologize to the nation for his ill-thought transgression. Sadly and regrettably, Mr Modi is setting a dangerous precedent by his insatiable desire to tarnish every constitutional office, including that of a former Prime Minister and Army Chief,” the furious former PM said in his statement. “Fearing imminent defeat in Gujarat, desperation of Prime Minister to hurl every abuse and latch on to every straw is palpable,” he added.

It is very clear that Modi’s Pak comments backfired. Several surveys predict neck to neck contest in Gujarat elections between Congress and BJP. Results will be out by 18th December.

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Note ban, GST ‘twin blow’ to economy, winds of change blowing in Gujarat: Manmohan


Former Prime Minister and leading economist, Manmohan Singh on Tuesday lashed out at the Narendra Modi-led NDA government over the “twin blow” of demonetisation and GST, which he termed a “complete disaster” for the economy and said that winds of change are blowing in Gujarat and time has come for Gujaratis to repose faith in the Congress party.

Reiterating his earlier statement when he termed demonetization an economic blunder, Manmohan Singh said that due to the effects of demonetization and the Goods and Services Tax (GST), Chinese imports have grown by a whopping 23 per cent in just one year.

In his speech campaign for the Congress party at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Memorial auditorium, Singh hit out at the NDA government for the two drastic steps taken said that November 8 was a ‘Black Day’ for the economy and democracy of the country.

“The cash in circulation after one year is close to 90 per cent of previous levels. The fact that more than 99 per cent of the demonetized currency came back into the system has punctured the government’s claims of its success.”

Addressing more than a thousand from the businessmen and traders fraternity, Singh said, “The pain of the informal sector is inadequately captured in the GDP calculations, as the 5.7 per cent under the new calculation is bound to be a gross underestimate. What is even more tragic is that none of the lessons from this monumental blunder has been learnt by the government.”

“Instead of providing relief to the poor and the marginalized farmers, traders and small and medium businesses as I had requested in the Parliament, who suffered the brunt of demonetization, the government chose to inflict on them a badly designed and hastily implemented GST.”

According to the former Prime Minister, “this twin blow was a complete disaster for our economy, breaking the back of small and medium business in India”.

“India’s imports from China stood at Rs 1.96 lakh crore in the first half of 2016-17. During the same period in 2017-18, it increased to Rs 2.41 lakh crore, an unprecedented increase of 23 per cent in imports, attributed mainly to demonetization and GST.”

“What is terrible for the country is that, the fear of tax terrorism has eroded confidence of businesses to invest. The growth in private investment is at a 25-year low. Did the Prime Minister stop to consider the wisdom of Mahatma when asking the Governor to sign on the dotted line of demonetization or while implementing GST in haste? Did he think about the impact on those who toil in informal sector whose earnings dried up because of shortage of cash? Did he think about the millions of people who lost jobs and had to return to their villages in despair? If the Prime Minister had paid attention to the Mahatma’s talisman, the poor of India would not have to suffer the way they did,” said Singh.

On the GST front, he said, “When undertaking the endeavour of One Nation, One Tax, if the Prime Minister had taken inspiration from the resolve and attention to detail of Sardar Patel, the outcome would have been different. Bravado and drama are poor substitutes for courage with conviction and the ability to execute well.”

“Today, one year after demonetization, large sections of the country feel that they have been taken for a ride by their government. Their trust has been betrayed,” said Manmohan Singh.

The former Prime Minister even criticized the ‘Bullet Train’ project. He said, “While our existing passenger rail network is lanquishing and needs a dire infusion of funds to improve both safety and speed, the ‘Bullet Train’ project was launched with much fanfare, sadly an exercise in vanity and which will neither benefit the 6.5 crore Gujaratis nor the nation. The past year saw the highest number of deaths due to derailment accidents in more than a decade, but the government’s priorities are misplaced.”

“Did the Prime Minister consider the alternative of introducing high speed rail network across India and upgrade the existing infrastructure? Instead of the Bullet Train project, the UPA government had requested the Japanese to fund the ‘Dedicated Freight Corridor’ and signed the deal in 2005. The UPA project will create a multiplier effect on the economy with upgradation of transportation technology, increase productivity and reduction in unit transportation costs,” Singh added.

Questioning the rationale behind the anti-nationalistic slur thrown on those who question Narendra Modi and the NDA, Singh asked, “By questioning the Bullet Train, does one become anti-development. By questioning the outcome of demonetization and GST, does one become a tax evader? Does questioning the drop in GDP make one an anti-national?”

“My friends, questions must be asked again and again on the soundness of policy and the lack of transparency,” he said.

Coming to the issues faced by Gujarat state, which has been dubbed as the model state in the country by the BJP, Singh said, “While across India, the title deeds to the forest dwellers and tribal have been disposed of at the rate of 87 per cent, Gujarat lagged behind with a poor 44 per cent. On every social indicator like infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate, female literacy, Gujarat has fallen behind the best performing states like Himachal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka.”

On the numerous agitations among the youth of different sections of society in Gujarat, Singh said, “The winds of change are blowing in Gujarat. The agitations are an indication of the deep dissatisfaction with the performance of successive BJP governments in Gujarat. The Congress will ensure the voice of every Gujarati, regardless of caste, creed, gender or class will be heard.”

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Naidu, Manmohan to speak at leadership summit


Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be among a galaxy of top leaders from various walks of life at the 15th edition of the Indian School of Business (ISB) Leadership Summit.

With the theme “Transforming Tomorrow: The Future Unravelled”, the summit will be held from September 22 to 24 at ISB’s Mohali and Hyderabad campuses.

Naidu and Singh will be speaking at the Mohali campus.

Administrator of Puducherry Kiran Bedi, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, former Indian Space Research Organisation chairman K. Radhakrishnan, Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha, Manipal CEO Ajay Bakshi, and director-actor Karan Johar will be among the key speakers.

The summit will focus on the trends that will be instrumental in shaping the future of countries and their economic environments in the years to come, said a statement from the business school.

“The world has been witnessing radical changes across every domain; these trends have been both exciting and intimidating.

“In India, there have been innumerable champions of change, who have pushed boundaries and been at the forefront of creating new contexts and practices, thereby shaping the future of the country in diverse aspects,” it added.

The centrepiece of the ISB Leadership Summit this year is the Emerging Leaders’ Forum, a first-of-its-kind thought leadership debate that will bring together 32 of the brightest minds and orators from 16 of the leading business schools in India.

Participants will debate on topics ranging across politics, society, technology, business and finance.

The event will be judged by an eminent panel of corporate leaders and academics. Teams displaying exemplary leadership ideas will win awards up to Rs one lakh in addition to the opportunity of networking with corporate champions across every sphere.

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