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Appatlo Okadundevadu Review : A Good Attempt


Appatlo Okadundevadu Review, Nara Rohit Appatlo Okadundevadu movie review

Appatlo Okadundevadu Review, Nara Rohit Appatlo Okadundevadu movie review


Periodical films are a rarity in Tollywood. Telugu filmmakers do not show interest in dealing with a serious subject. Formulas and calculations come in the way of making a good attempt. Sometime back Nara Rohit made good attempt with Banam. Banam came without comedy track, item songs and only story played important role. Same is the case with Pratinidhi. Now he selected a critical subject with Appatlo Okadudevaaadu. Let us see whether he reached his target.


Railway Raju (Sri Visnu) loves his mother, father and cricket. He works hard to realize his dream of becoming a star cricketer. Even his coach supports him. He loves Nitya (Tanya Hope) dearly and even she loves him. Imtiaz (Nara Rohit), encounter specialist hates naxalites as he lost his parents in naxal attack. From then on he is on a mission to wipe out naxalites and will even go to the extent of breaking the rules.

Raju owes some money to Bhagawan Das (GV) a local rowdy and he kidnaps Nitya as he fails to repay his debt.In a scuffle, Baghawan Das gets killed at the hands of Raju. Raju’s sister many years back joins Naxal moment. Imtiaz trains his guns on Raju on this pretext suspecting him of having links with naxalites. This results in Raju losing everything in his life. How Raju takes revenge forms rest of the story.


The film is set in the backdrop of 1992-1996 in Hyderabad. Naxal movements used to be in full swing and globalization effects started having its influence. The way director related both of them ta a young man’s dream of becoming a star cricketer made good impact. However director made a good choice by not indulging in lecturing on naxalism, globalization, privatization etc.

He prepared viewers taking them into a story involving a honest police officer who focus on the mission rather than the path to be travelled and also about the youngster who loses everything without his fault. Though film started slowly it helped viewers to get connected to all characters with Raju’s life highlighted and the naxal link. Story picks pace with the entry of Nara Rohit’s entry.

Viewers get sad the way cricketer turned criminal and the way he rose to a gooda and dada. Viewers however get impatient with some routine scenes in between as drama is missed between Nara Rohit and Sri visnhu. However the film comes back to track with Nara Rohit entering just 30 minutes before the climax.

Director gives new twist and keeps the audience engaged. Director keeps the views hooked with his story, screenplay and direction. Story has no hero and villain but only circumstances turned them villains or heroes. Unnecessary songs, some dragging scenes, slowed the pace f the film. However director’s focus on the main theme attracts all. He gave the film a thriller look without inserting forced comedy and item songs.


Doing such films is a huge risk but Nara Rohit is always in the forefront to take such risks. He even turned producer showing confidence in the story. Nara Rohit attracted with his trademark performance as Imtiaz. His base voice became strong point for the role. Though he looked bulky as usual, it didn’t come in between his performance. Sri Visnu attracted with his performance showing right kind of emotions as a person who lost life and turning gangster and then carving for a happy life. Ajay and Rajiv Kanakala appeared in small roles. Brahmaji got full length role and did full justice. There is nothing to talk about the heroine Tanya Hope.


Songs will not fit in such films. If songs should have place, they should come with good tunes. Sai Karthik failed in this and songs acted as speed brakers. Background score is terrific. Rerecording elevated the scenes. All the dialogues are natural without any forced philosophy. Director Sagar K Chandra made a honest attempt rather than select safe genres like love stories or mass films. Though the film had its drops in between, minuses are not visible due to strong content. Emotional climax added power to the story.


Appatlo Okadundevaadu many not create sensation but is a good attempt. It is difficult to predict box office result now itself as Telugu viewers are reputed to reject good films like Manamanta. The film takes viewers to 20 years back from the routine films.

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

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