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Reader Writes – Frustrated startup Entrepreneur about reservation in private sector


I think all states should institute 100% reservation for insiders. Why allow outsiders to come into your state at all? After all, they are hostile aliens.

And by the way, when that happens, let us stop calling ourselves Indians. We will not be a country anymore. In fact, we are already becoming less of a country and more a collection of banana republics of different flavors.

Let me ask you this question: How does a business decide whom to hire?

I can answer this question for my startup, ConceptOwl. We hire people who we feel can get the job done. I don’t care about their state, skin color, ethnicity, religion, caste, or whatever. The only question we ask is: Will they do a good job and enjoy being part of the team?

Very often, the person who fits our requirements is from Kerala. But sometimes from Harayana, UP, or wherever. Why should the government bother about whom we hire, as long as we pay our taxes? What incentive does a business have to discriminate against people from one state vs. another?

If a government wants its youth to get the local jobs, train and educate them. Let them have the right attitude. Not do this monkeying around and destroy the fabric of this country.

As it is, doing business in India is a nightmare. And you are now trying to add to that?

And don’t forget, if you keep doing this kind of thing, businesses will move out of your state and your youth will have to go to other states for jobs. And what if those states don’t allow outsiders?

As an example, what if Karnataka government mandated that all the IT companies (Infosys, TCS, etc.) should have 75% employees from Karnataka? That will be fun!

Let me finish by sharing a funny statistic. If you go to the US, a big chunk of Indians, especially in the East Coast (New Jersey etc.) are from Andhra. And why should they not if they are enterprising and hard-working enough? But will the Andhra Government want the US to have a locals-only policy?

Our politicians are selling what is easier to sell: fear, hatred, insecurity, jingoism, and caste and religious animosity.

Any sellers for love, tolerance, integrity, and genuine patriotism? Anyone??

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