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Sujana is Jagan’s next target after Kodela!


Usually, any government or police begins investigation only after receiving complaints of irregularities from others. But Jagan Regime is unique in this respect. It launches special drives to find out if there would be any chances to file cases against rival politicians. All administrative machinery is being used for this task. First, they targeted Chandrababu Naidu but could not find immediate grounds to harass him legally. Next, they hounded former Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao who has committed suicide unable to bear character assassination by Jagan Rule.

Now, Jagan’s immediate target is obviously Sujana Chowdary. Because this leader belongs to the Kamma community about which Jagan is totally unhappy. Sujana has been giving lot of trouble to YCP ever since he joined the BJP and started playing a vital role in its AP affairs. Jagan Team is also fearing the worst for CM in future if Sujana is allowed to continue to grow within the BJP.

As per reports, after Sujana became influential in BJP Delhi sections, the importance of YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy has slowly come down. Now, Vijayasai is not getting any immediate appointments nor is he able to frequently meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi like before. As a result, Jagan Circar is using Revenue, Police, CID and other departments to dig up whether Sujana has bought lands in Kanchikacherla area in Krishna district. Cases are likely to be filed against Sujana even if such lands are there in relatives or family members’ names.

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