Who is Lois Sofia, arrested by TN government for anti-BJP slogans


Lois Sophia, 28 year old Tamil woman studying in Canada has become a top trend on social media. Reason- she called the BJP government ‘fascist’ in front of BJP Tamil Nadu president and TN government arrested her under non-bailable sections for this.

The incident:

She was travelling by aeroplane in which Tamil Nadu BJP president also there. She shouted in air craft and later in airport that “BJP’s Fascism rule down down!!! “ in front of BJP’s state head Tamilisai Soundarajan. She also shouted back at sofia . Finally , upon Tamlisai complaint, TN government filed cases on her under 3 sections and one of those is non bailable.

Sofia background:

She was from scheduled caste. She is a mathematician from the University of Montreal in Canada. She has been active in campaigning against social issues. She had earlier participated in campaigns against the Sterlite Copper Plant in Tuticorin and some other protests. ( www.telugu360.com/tuticorn-thoothukudi-violence-issue-protest-and-the-future/ )

She earlier participated in Tuticorin movement. During that movement, she strongly criticized the Tamil Nadu government inaction with regard to the Sterlite protests in Tuticorin. She has also voiced her concerns over the way the bjp led Centre has handled several situations of Tamil Nadu

TN government action and political parties reaction:

Tamil Nadu people have been alleging that AIADMK government has become puppet in the hands of Modi. Now, upon complaint from BJP leader, TN government filed cases against her. Actually, filing cases is not an issue but the sections under which Tamilnadu Government filed cases is attracting lot of Criticism from the people. Later , opposition parties like DMK and Congress supported her and lambasted the government. She also received support from actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan.

What is the argument of BJP fans:

BJP fans started vehemently criticising her on social media platforms. They are saying, she should first know what is the meaning of the word fascism. They also point out that her certificate is saying she is belonging to scheduled caste but she is actually a converted Christian. They also question her father’s argument that they are from low class family, as his daughter is studying in Canada. They call her anti Hindu. They are appreciating Tamil Nadu BJP President for doing the right thing as this will stop conversions.

What Sofia supporters are saying:

Many people question the government for taking stringent actions against her for shouting anti bjp slogans. They point out that the non bailable section under which case is filed is absolutely wrong. They also question Tamil Nadu Government’s inaction during Sterlite violence and many other such situations and questioning why it is super active now. They also question if you want to put all the people who shout against BJP behind bars how many lakhs of people you will put in jail?


Raising anti government slogans in the public might be punishable but not under non bailable sections. It is clear that AIADMK Government has taken another hasty decision.

– Zuran (@CriticZuran)

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