Bigg Boss episode 51: Nomination day


Monday is nomination day in Bigg boss. Today Bigg boss divided house into 2 groups. Shilpa, Rahul, Punarnavi, Vitika and Varun in one group. Baba Bhaskar did not belong to any group being a captain and rest of all belong to second group. Each group can nominate only the housemates belonging to other group. Each housemate has to nominate 2 members from other group and nominations are as below:

Ravi – Rahul and Shilpa
Punarnavi – Mahesh and Sreemukhi
Shivajyothy – Shilpa and Punarnavi
Shilpa – Shiva Jyothy and Himaja
Sreemukhi – Punarnavi and Shilpa
Vitika – Ravi and Mahesh
Himaja – Shilpa and Vitika
Varun – Mahesh and Himaja
Mahesh – Punarnavi and Varun
Rahul – Ravi and Sreemukhi

Out of these, Shilpa, Punarnavi,Mahesh, Himaja, Ravi and Srimukhi – got more votes and so they got nominated for eviction this week. Rest of the guys like Varun, Vitika, Shiva Jyothy and Rahul got less votes for nomination and so Bigg boss didn’t consider them for nomination. After this nomination process – Bigg boss gave an option to Baba Bhaskar to save one of the six housemates who are nominated. Baba saved Ravi from nominations.

We will have to wait and see – who will be evicted this week, out of Sreemukhi, Punarnavi, Mahesh, Shilpa and Himaja.

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