Is BJP behind Jagan Reddy?


YS Jagan is all set to start his foot march from November 2nd. Political heat in AP is increasing day by day. But – “Is BJP behind YS Jagan now?”. This is the question being debated recently among political circles. As per these rumors, Amit Shah is giving implicit support to Jagan.

It seems, BJP bigwigs are not happy with Naidu and in fact Modi team never considered Chandra Babu Naidu (CBN) as a trusted partner. In fact CBN also came out of NDA during 2009 elections though TDP was part of NDA in 2004 elections. So, it is rumored that Modi’s team believes CBN came back to NDA in 2014 only because he needed NDA then. But whatever be the reasons and situations, the fact is TDP is currently NDA partner and he is already doing all he can to keep up the alliance. But it seems BJP bigwigs are preferring Jagan. Also, it is rumored that Amit Shah is behind the move that Jagan appointed Prashanth kishore. Jagan usually doesn’t spend that amount of money on anything and more so in getting a super boss for himself. Considering his ego, he never accepts a superior. But as the rumor goes in Delhi circles, Amit Shah is behind this move . Moreover, Vijay Sai Reddy, who is in Rajya Sabha as MP now, is said to be making good network with BJP leaders and is trying his level best to use these contacts to make sure there is no movement in Disproportionate Assets cases in which Jagan is Accused-1 and Vijay Sai Reddy is Accused-2. Also, recently Jagan himself gave several statements that he supports BJP in almost all aspects except a few like special status and Vizag railway zone. It is to be recalled that he gave unconditional support during presidential and vice-president elections. There is nothing wrong in supporting presidential candidate as it has been a tradition to put aside political aspects during presidential election. But the way he explained media on his “unconditional support” to BJP made everyone raise eyebrows. In fact it was analyzed during Nandyala elections that – Jagan wanted to prove his mettle in Nandyala by-polls and display his charisma to BJP bigwigs so that they can give him a fair deal.

On the other side, there are other arguments put by analysts that post Nandyala, Jagan has lost his image with BJP. These analysts remind people BJP leader Purandhareswari’s comments on Jagan. She told some time before Nandyala elections that “What is wrong if Jagan becomes a close aide of BJP”. But then same Purandhareswari made comments during Kakinada (after Nandyala results out) elections that BJP doesn’t have any relation with YSRCP. Also, we can recall that Amit Shah’s statement that “NDA will go to 2019 elections with same allies” also came after Nandyala elections.

While both these arguments have substance, Jagan’s persistent efforts to be in good books of BJP top leaders and avoid surprises in his cases, leading to more people believe the first argument that Amit Shah is supporting Jagan or at least Amit Shah obliging Jagan’s active pursuits of making good relations with BJP.

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