F2 Worldwide Pre-Release Business


F2 pre release business

Victory Venkatesh – Varun Tej’s F2 is gearing up for a grand release tomorrow ie, Jan 12th. The film is mostly an advance release all over through Dil Raju’s regular distributors. Theatrical rights of the film are valued for atleast 34 Cr which is highest for both Venkatesh & Varun Tej.

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Below is the area wise Pre-Release Business (Including P&P)

AreaPre release Business10 Days Collections9 Days Collections8 Days Collections1st Week Collections6 Days Collections5 Days Collections4 Days Collections3 Days CollectionsDay 1 Collections
Nizam9 Cr16.07 Cr15.12 Cr13.33 Cr11.82 Cr10.58 Cr8.96 Cr6.93 Cr5.07 Cr1.73Cr
Ceeded5 Cr6.10 Cr5.79 Cr5.22 Cr4.70 Cr4.13 Cr3.42 Cr2.60 Cr1.77 Cr0.52Cr
UA6.94 Cr6.36 Cr5.55 Cr4.75 Cr3.94 Cr3.15 Cr2.42 Cr1.73 Cr0.55Cr
Guntur4.05 Cr3.88 Cr3.49 Cr3.14 Cr2.82 Cr2.33 Cr1.79 Cr1.27 Cr0.39Cr
East5.44 Cr5.19 Cr4.74 Cr4.26 Cr3.70 Cr3.09 Cr2.34 Cr1.61 Cr0.63Cr
West3.07 Cr2.91 Cr2.64 Cr2.37 Cr 2.07 Cr1.74 Cr1.39 Cr1.05 Cr0.57Cr
Krishna3.97 Cr3.81 Cr3.44 Cr3.13 Cr2.80 Cr2.30 Cr1.76 Cr1.25 Cr0.40Cr
Nellore1.48 Cr1.41 Cr1.29 Cr

1.18 Cr1 Cr0.84 Cr0.66 Cr0.46 Cr

Andhra14 Cr
AP/TS28 Cr47.12 Cr44.47 Cr39.70 Cr35.35 Cr31.04 Cr25.83 Cr19.89 Cr14.21 Cr4.96Cr
ROI2.25 Cr2.35 Cr1.90 Cr
Overseas4.25 Cr5 Cr4.30 Cr
Worldwide34.50 Cr (Including all)42.70 Cr32.03 Cr
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