Kodali Nani statements at the behest of Christian CM: RRR


TTD trust board chairperson Y V Subba Reddy, the maternal uncle of Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, has once again stirred a Hornet’s nest. After proposing to sell Srivari assets, Subba Reddy had recently stated that it is not mandatory for non-Hindus to sign a declaration form to enter the temple premises, a departure from age-old tradition. His statement triggered protests from the Opposition parties, mainly the TDP and BJP.

The former chief minister and TDP president Chandrababu Naidu questioned the need to change the age-old system and insisted that established traditions at Tirumala should not be altered for the sake of a “non-believers” referring to Y V Subba Reddy and Jagan Mohan Reddy. Naidu asked Jagan to sign the declaration before entering the abode of Tirumala. This prompted YSRCP leader Kodali Nani, known for his loose tongue and abusive remarks, to lash out at Naidu. Kodali Nani questioned Naidu as to why Jagan should sign the declaration form.

On Monday, several BJP leaders demonstrated at Alipiri against Y V Subba Reddy’s statement demanding that he retract his views on the declaration form. The BJP accused the ruling YSRCP of attempting to destroy the Hindu religion systematically in the last more than one year rule. Meanwhile, YSRCP ‘rebel’ Lok Sabha MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju slammed Kodali Nani for his remarks that declaration form is not required for non-Hindus to enter the abode of Tirumala.

Speaking to media persons in New Delhi, Raju warned Kodali Nani that in the coming days’ people will revolt against the anti-Hindu policies of the YSRCP government. “It is going to be tooth-for-tooth and nail for nail,” Raju warned.

Participating in ‘Raccha Banda’ programme, Raju cautioned Kodali Nani that people will not think twice in “breaking bones” of the YSRCP leaders if the current dispensation continues with anti-Hindu policies. Raju, known for his sarcasm, took jibes at Kodali Nani in his inimitable style. “It is not the chariot that was burnt in Antarvedi, the sentiments of Hindus have been burnt to cinders. It is not the idols of Hindu deities that were broken, it is in fact the emotional feelings of Hindus that were shattered to pieces,” Raju stated.

Further, he said neither Kodali Nani, a practicing Hindu, nor Jagan Mohan Reddy, a practicing Christian can ever think of entering Mecca, the holy place for Muslims.

Referring to Kodali Nani’s statements that the government will make up for the three missing silver lion statutes in Kanaka Durga temple, Raju said “It is not just mere silver. There is a lot of divinity attached to it as it belongs to Goddess Durga. Kodali Nani, a Hindu is making anti-Hindu statements, at the behest of a Christian Chief Minister. If you want to win elections, you want the Hindu religion, but you don’t even keep one idol of Hindu deity. Hindus are a peace-loving community. They believe in harmonious co-existence. If you cannot respect the Hindu religion, do not disrespect it,” he warned

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  1. indeed, it is time to throw this government out. unfortunately, it seems difficult with an aging Naidu and a weaker opposition. sad, that there has been growing attacks on Hindu temples

  2. BJP brought Jagan tonpower with strong background help inspite of knowing his past and family, religious and individual background. It is the one that brought Hindi religion to this brink. Jagan was always strong pro Christian and strong anti Hindu. BJP knows all these and still helping him. How can they break his bones? Their own bones will be broken. They have strengthened a monster. Do they not know?


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