Pic Talk : The Triumvirate of Tollywood


It is very rare we get to see our top stars in a single frame.

Yesterday, three of the current generation superstars Mahesh, NTR and Charan are spotted together in party mood after the pre release event of Bharat Ane Nenu concluded.

The three actors attended a special party thrown by Mythri Movie Makers and these pics are currently going viral across all social media platforms.

Coincidentally, Mythri Movie Makers delivered the biggest hits in their respective careers for NTR ( Janatha Garage) , Mahesh Babu ( Srimanthudu) and Ram Charan ( Rangasthalam).

Charan was supposed to attend the Bharat Bahiranga Sabha, but he couldn’t due to his busy commitments. However, he turned up at the party late in the night.

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  1. సోషల్ డ్రింకర్స్ మాత్రమే తగ్గారు, తాగుబోతులు మానలేక జేబులు ఖాళీ చేసుకొంటున్నారు. ఆలా తాగేవాళ్ళలో కూలి, పేద, మధ్య తరగతివాళ్లే.
    అవును ప్రత్యేక హోదా ఏమైంది.

  2. perhaps numbers arrived at by the # of liquor cases sold; may not be correct , people are emptying their pockets what ever freebies given, have to see how all this pan out when liquor shops are closed in every village & town, this may be still more time away; re: jobs creation, for economic growth and development, jobs must be without govt expense/tax payers money

  3. Amma vodi 15k .. chenathalku pention … ganga putrulaku 10k .. auto 10k.. vidya devena.. what else you need .. enjoy with that money.. every family surely get at least 50 k .. what else you need people
    … definetly next time also jagan would be as CM.. he will be safe with margin figure in next election.. he is planing acc to that .. is a very good political move.

    • Due to his terms and conditions half of the Mothers didn’t get Amma vodi, To auto drivers he gave 10K and they got fines of 40K to 50K from police 😂😂…Now drivers are saying not to give them 10K😅… Vidya devena yekkada? Neenu vinnanu…Neenu unnanu…epudu marchi poyanu🤣🤣🤣

      • I dont think A.P people are that much intelligent to remember what you have said … lets see what will happen …ofcourse his core vote bank is always there .. if they get or not get .. they would be his side only. That is very sure .. and remaing… remaing vote share definetly split between TDP AND p.k .. that is for sure … a d finally verdict is next cm is same

        • Vote bank what he got is because of his father’s name, now they them self changing,,YSR is different n Jagan is different,, so AP getting to know the value of CBN..


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