Shamanthakamani 3 days AP, TS Collections


Shamanthakamani 3 days Collections

Shamanthakamani had a decent weekend with a distributor share of 3.51 Cr in Telugu States. The film has to hold very steady in weekdays to be a safe venture as there are couple of new releases coming week.

Below are the area wise shares for 3 days

Area1st week share3 days share1st day share
Nizam1.68 Cr1.26 Cr0.52 Cr
Ceded0.55 Cr0.38 Cr0.15 Cr
UA0.53 Cr0.33 Cr 0.113 Cr
Guntur0.40 Cr0.355 Cr0.19 Cr
East0.43 Cr0.33 Cr0.17 Cr
West0.30 Cr0.25 Cr0.13 Cr
Krishna0.39 Cr0.315 Cr0.127 Cr
Nellore0.13 Cr0.09 Cr0.04 Cr
Total AP and TS4.41 Cr3.51 Cr1.44 Cr