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Despite ban OU Students stage beef festival trial run


Notwithstanding the High Court order upholding the ban on beef festival on Wednesday, unfazed students of Osmania University today held a trail run of the beef festival on the campus.

The pro-beef students assembled at one of the hostels, first staged a protest for making the annual routine beef festival into a controversy by the Sangh Parivar forces, held trial run of the festival by displaying huge menu. They stated that right to eat food of once choice was inalienable human right. The menu included Kalyani Biriyani, Tala-Hua-Gosht, and Kebabas. It was a low key affair confined to select guests that includes students, some faculty members and media personnel.

Following the ruckus from BJP Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh and Hindu Janajagruti Vedika, the beef festival became controversy. To counter it some students announced they would hold a pork-festival. Raja Singh said he would perform Gowpuja on the campus. Amid this commotion a research scholar approached city civil court for prohibition orders on the ground that these meet festivals were undermining the sanctity of globally reputed Osmania university. In the meantime University authorities also banned all festivals. The City Civil Court issued orders to maintain status quo till December 21.

Meanwhile today responding on the petition filed by one K Raju, who urged the Court to stall the beef festival, High Court of Hyderabad upheld the orders issued by City Civil Court on Monday. The High Court asked the police to implement the order of the civil court and ensure that no beef festival was held on campus.

According to proposal, students planned to hold the festival on December 10,the International Human Rights Day.

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TS Advisory to Kerala and Karnataka CMs


Hyderabad: The Telangana government has scuttled the efforts of the organizers of the controversial ‘Beef Festival‘, announced to take place in Osmania University, Hyderabad on December 10.

The state government has not rested by denying police permission to the organizers to hold the festival, but it has also prevailed upon the university to refuse its permission to the festival.

However, it sensed that some of the Congress and Left Wing Parties have been making hectic efforts to to rope in Kerala Chief Minister Ooman Chandy, and Karnataka Chief Minister Siddha Ramaiah to attend the festival to make it a big event, to catch the attention of the entire country.

The proposed festival has already raked up controversy and those opposing to hold a ‘Gau Puja’ and a ‘Pork Festival’, if the organizers goes ahead with their proposed move. Sensing that it would be a potential issue of political significance and could create a law and order problem, the TRS government has taken all the precautionary steps to prevent organizing the festival. In addition to these, the state government has also reportedly taken up the issue with Kerala and Karnataka government’s advising against Ooman Chandy and Siddharamaiah attending the festival, despite being invited by their own party men from the state. A senior police official pointed out, “Normally, it is a standard procedure in which chief ministers and governors visiting other states within the country would not ignore any advisory coming from that state. So, both the Kerala and Karnataka CM are unlikely to ignore the advisory of the Telangana government and attend the festival, “ he added.

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Beef Festival planned on OU campus


In an act defiance, dalit and left wing student organizations of Osmania university have planned a beef festival on December 10. They are not worried about the heat the beef generated in India, because, beef is food stuff and needed for survival. Banning the beef-eating, they say, is robbing them of their right to live. In the run up to the festival, on November 30, a poets’ meet has been planned. Students and scholars from different universities across the country are expected to participate in the meet. A marathon is also planned to create awareness of beef eating.

A round table with representatives of all political parties will be held on December 5. They students have a plan to invite RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah to participate in the festival. It is not known, given tension the beef engendered after Dadri incident, if the authorities would allow the festival to be held on campus.

Dalit groups and left wing students have been organizing the beef festival for quite some time in Hyderabad. The first ever beef festival organized in Osmania in 2012 led to violence on the campus resulting in the stabbing of a student. Five students injured in the clash that ensued. Many private vehicles also got damaged. Scores of students had been taken into custody. undeterred by these incidents and possible retaliation by ABVP, the dalit and left wing students have made it a practice to celebrate beef as food every year. This year the festival is scheduled on December 10,2015.

Beef on the campus has history in Hyderabad. A year before, in 2011, some dalit students organized a beef festival on campus of English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), adjacent to the Osmania, which also ended up in a clash. Sangh Parivar’s ABVP stormed into the festival, destroyed the food items and attacked the organizers. Many students sustained injuries in the clash.

The inspiration for the EFLU’s Beef Festival was the similar festival organized on campus of Hyderabad Central University (HCU). CH Sateesh, a student Sociology department of HCU told telugu360.com that HCU students waged a three-year long battle for permission to celebrate the beef festival. And finally, it was held amid tight security.

Large presence dalit students in these central universities emboldened these students to break the restrictions on the food they had been living on. Later, this caught up on the campus of Osmania as well. Students of OU have floated the a forum called ‘save democracy’ to defend the democratic rights of students. RN Shankar of All India Students Federation, a CPI affiliated students wing, said their festival was not political move.” This is an attempt to sensitize the people on the need to resist the imposition of restriction on the food habits of various groups of people. Food is a cultural choice. And people have the right to follow their cultural traditions,” he said.

Student leaders cautioned that the “beef festival” should not be mistaken as a merry making event or a carnival.

“Beef is part of our natural food and we condemn Hindutva forces dividing the country on the basis of food habits. Any child will say attacks on beef eaters have risen manifold since Narendra Modi has come to power. We are uniting to resist these attacks,” added Vishnu of the Progressive Democratic Students Union(PDSU).

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