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VH Condemns KCR’s adamancy towards GHMC strike


Congress senior leader and Rajya Sabha MP  V Hanumantha Rao said TRS government was destroying the reputation of Hyderabad in the eyes of national and international investors and visitors  by its refusal concede to legitimate demands of GHMC employees.

Government by its adamancy defeating the very objective of “Swachha  Hyderabad”, he remarked.

Participating in the Dharna organized by GHMC workers, he said, the demands of GHMC workers were genuine and chief minister KCR should conceded to them without delay.

“There has been no meaning in delaying settlement of strike. GHMC workers play crucial role in enhancing the image of Hyderabad as global city,” he said adding that “Bangaru Telangana is not possible as long as the government keeps certain sections of society unhappy.”

The three term-MP was critical of chief minister KCR attitude towards the strike of employees. “It clearly shows how thick skinned you are. You are taking light of a strike in which about 40 thousand people are participating,” he said.

GHMC workers have been on strike for the past six days making Hyderabad city stink.  Roads and streets have not been cleared cleaned. All corners of streets are littered with waste and garbage.

The workers inter alia demand a hike of salary of contract workers from present Rs 8,500 to Rs 14,750 and that of permanent workers from Rs 9,500 to Rs 17,380.

But, the government is reportedly only ready to make it Rs 12,000 per month only. As the government is not ready to relent from its insistence on Rs 12,000, the talks initiated by Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy did not yield any result today.

Referring to government adamant attitude in the talks, Hanumantha Raod said government should not make it a matter prestige.

“City is stinking. On one side you want to make Hyderabad a global city in the eyes of investors on the other, you want the GHMC workers languish underpaid,” Rao said adding he would join them to intensify the strike till their demands are conceded.

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VH Removes Portraits of 3 PCC Ex-chiefs From Gandhi Bhavan


Telangana Congress today disowned three past PCC presidents who ditched the party and crossed over to other parties. Rajya Sabha member V Hanumantha Rao accompanied by former minister R Damodar Reddy removed the portraits of former PCC presidents K Kesavarao, Botsa Satyanarayana and D Srinivas from the Conference hall of the party headquarters, Gandhi Bhavan. The hall, refurbished and airconditined by none other than Botsa when he was PCC president before 2014 elections, is adorned by the portraits of the PCC presidents ever since the Andhra Pradesh Congress (APCC) was formed in 1956. For the first time, party disowned three of its leaders and erased theie memories from the Gandhi Bhavan. Rao and Reddy  accused Srinivas of collecting money from the candidates while distributing the B-Forms.

“He( D Srinivas)  claimed that he had distributed 294 B-Form to candidates in various elections during his tenure as PCC president. Can he deny the fact the many candidates had to grease his hands to get their B-Form legitimately,” VH said.

Though he corned many posts claiming himself a BC leader, they accused, D Srinivas had never encouraged any BC leader.

“ DS’ crossing over to TRS will not affect  the Congress in any manner,” they said.

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