Allegations on #BigBoss: The other side of the coin


It is quick to make an accusation on anything in this digital era as one self-recorded video uploaded on Facebook will do the trick. As more and more media houses are dependant on these social media videos to churn out their prime time stories, the likes of Sri Reddys and KA Pauls become headlines all the times.

Recently a lady anchor is seen accusing that the organisers of #BigBoss3 Telugu have asked her, ‘What are you going to do for our Boss if you are taken in?’. In the world of #MeToo cases skyrocketing and men feeling all the heat, would anyone dare to ask a contestant that way? Assume she is saying the truth, but there is other side of the coin we hear.

The Big Boss team is looking for those celebs who could bring some sensation to the reality show such that TRPs will touch all time high. In Hindi version, we have seen how some celebs have fallen in love with a contestant though they are married in real life, such that they make the show spicy. Some girls slipped into bikinis, some did lip kissing with the fellow mates to boost viewership of the show. Few made filthy accusations on people inside and outside of the house, to grab sudden attention.

“Maybe the team that approached this Telugu anchor might have asked her, what she’s going to do inside the house to create such sensation. If she does one such thing, then the team that got her aboard will get many perks. In that sense, they might have posed her ‘what will you do for our boss?’, which literally doesn’t mean she’s asked for a casting couch”, a source in the know commented.

We have to see where this accusation thing ends now, as Star MAA is taking Big Boss a prestigious thing and they don’t want their image get hampered this way.

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