Ambajipeta Marriage Band Film Review


Ambajipeta Marriage Band Movie Review

Ambajipeta Marriage Band Movie Review

TELUGU360 RATING: 2.75/5

Malli (Suhas) is a member of the marriage band in Ambajipeta town. His father runs a salon, elder sister Padma (Sharanya) works as a schoolteacher. Venkat is the landlord in the village. Malli loves Venkat’s sister Lakshmi (Shivani Nagaram), Venkat gets angry at Malli’s family after knowing the matter. He insults Padma and Malli badly. And what did Malli do in retaliation? That’s the rest of the story

This is a simple story which is like hundreds of older movies. The movie starts with the love story of Malli and Lakshmi. There is not much justified narration about why did Lakshmi love Malli? 90s love stories are really special and Ambajipeta Marriage Band has that flavour. Blending the right emotion and bringing the right actors is very crucial for a film like Ambajipeta Marriage Band. The film starts off with the love story of Malli and Lakshmi. The love story is simple without many logics.

Yamma song is shot well and the beat sounds good. The song brings the needed momentum after the song. Venkat tries to dominate the scene. The sister’s role brings the needed emotion for the love story and things turn interesting. The film turns serious before the interval episode. The interval episode raises the questions about Malli’s revenge and how he wins his love along with revenge.

The director carried the film’s theme well. The second half of Ambajipeta Marriage Band brings the feel that it started on a strong note. The hero’s family starts protesting outside the villain’s house. The film’s pace is quite slow and outdated. The second half of Ambajipeta Marriage Band kills the energy in the audience. The concept of Mouna Poraatam was used partially when needed and the logics are left away. The police station episode is the only saviour for the second half of Ambajipeta Marriage Band. The episode is well elevated as a woman starts revolting and the film continues to be high till the climax.

The climax may disappoint some of the sections and it sounds cinematic. If the director opted out for an interesting climax, Ambajipeta Marriage Band would have been far better.


Suhas exhibited dual shade in the film. He played a mischeous guy in the first half of Ambajipeta Marriage Band. He sounded more intense in the second half. Suhas is apt in the role of Malli and he performed well. Shivani Nagaram looked natural and realistic with her looks. She did her part well in the role. Saranya is the film’s biggest asset and she even dominated Suhas with her performance. Her character too was well designed and presented in Ambajipeta Marriage Band. The villain role is well written. The director picked up the right actors for the roles and they did their parts well.

Sekhar Chandra proved that he can even do mass beats and ‘Yamma’ is an example for it. The background score too is well done by him. Some of the dialogues in Ambajipeta Marriage Band are well written. The production values are grand for a film like Ambajipeta Marriage Band. The producers believed in the content and went ahead without compromising on the quality. The first half of Ambajipeta Marriage Band is entertaining and the second half is emotional. But the film ends up at the interval episode as the climax and the second half offers nothing new. Overall, AMB movie is a decent pick for those appreciate serious cinema.

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