AP Disha Act widens gap between KCR and Jagan


Many state governments are praising the AP Disha Act made by Jagan Reddy government to give death penalty within 21 days of a rape incident. Delhi Mahila Commission Chairperson Swathi Maliwal demanded that the AP Dosha Act should be implemented all over the country. In just one stroke, CM Jagan Reddy stole all the credit that came to KCR after the risky encounter killings of the four accused persons. Now, Telangana police and KCR Circar are struggling hard to overcome investigations ordered by the Supreme Court and the NHRC. On the other hand, Jagan Reddy is coolly enjoying the rising wave of praise from all over the country for his Act.

In fact, legal experts say that Jagan law is practically unimplementable. It’s not possible to gather evidence and file charge sheet in 7 days. The court trial will also take longer than 21 days. If there’s one small missing link in crime scene, it would take months to complete investigation. This sort of populist, impractical gestures from Jagan are causing non-stop embarrassment to KCR. The same happened in respect of RTC employees merger with the government. This is why KCR is maintaining silence on Jagan Disha Act. Political analysts say that KCR is very angry at Jagan but he will not immediately react against AP CM. KCR’s immediate and only priority is to block BJP from getting a foothold in the state. He knows that any small mistake on TRS part may give undue advantage to BJP.

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