Are Jagan’s MLAs going the way of Chandrababu’s MLAs?


Is Jagan making the same mistake that Chandrababu Naidu has committed during the 2014-2019 period? Has he changed his mind on the issue of reining in the MLAs, especially the first-time MLAs? Has he decided to allow the MLAs to have a ‘free hand’ in their constituencies? Yes , say those in the know.

Soon after coming to power in 2014, Chandrababu gave a free hand to his MLAs. The MLAs began interfering in everything from choosing the beneficiaries to granting of the welfare schemes. They literally dominated the constituency. Soon, they were given to corrupt ways and became hugely unpopular in their constituencies. This led to the massive defeat of the party in 2019 elections.

Learning from it, Jagan had a tight-fisted control over hs MLAs. He ensured that everything passed through his hands and left the MLAs with no real power. At the village level, the village secretaries became very powerful. The MLAs had nothing to do. This continued for two years. Now, it appears that YS Jagan is slowly but surely allowing the MLAs a free hand.

Like the TDP MLAs, the YSRCP MLAs too are reportedly fast emerging as extortionists. The recent Casino organised in Gudivada is one such glaring example. The Casino was organised in the convention centre owned by Nani. But, the Government did not act upon it even when it became a state-wide news. The lewd dances and unbridled betting have become the talk of the town. Similarly, there are allegations that night curfew in AP was delayed by few days to enable the film produced by a minister’s brother have a free run.

Thus doubts are emerging as to whether Jagan’s MLAs too are going the way of Chandrababu’s MLAs. All these are making the YSRCP MLAs unpopular in their respective constituencies. This could prove too costly for YS Jagan as it had proved too costly for Chandrababu.

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