Bigg Boss shocking episode: Bhanu slams Kaushal for inappropriately touching her


Bigg boss episode yesterday shocked audience as there was a big fight happened after Bhanushree alleged Kaushal touched her body inappropriately. As part of luxury budget task Bigg Boss divided teams into two. One with black dresses and another with white dresses representing bad and good. As part of the task white team has been given some red apples and black team some black apples. The teams have to steal apples from opposite teams.

During this task Bhanushree was hiding black apples in her jerkin and Kaushal and others belonging to White team tried to steal those black apples and suddenly Bhanu shree started slamming Kaushal and accused he touched her body inappropriately. This changed the atmosphere of entire house as the house was split into two as some supported Bhanushree and some supported Kaushal. Bhanushree explained clearly how it happened and explicitly told Kaushal’s hand touched her chest. Kaushal initially argued he didn’t do that and Bhanu shree is unnecessarily creating drama, but later told, as part of the task his hand might have touched her inadvertently and that might be a mistake and definitely he didn’t do anything intentionally and he apologized for that.

However Bhanushree did not accept his apology and slammed him heavily and she even through the black apples she had and told “you only take away all these apples and you only win.” Geetha Madhuri even though belonging to Bhanushree team supported Kaushal and asked Bhanu to not make a big issue out of this and stop dragging this topic. She added, she was also there and she saw him trying to steal the apples but his hand never touched Bhanu’s body. At this moment Tejaswi pitched-in in support of Bhanu and slammed both Kushal and Geeta and told she has clearly seen Kaushal’s hand touching Bhanushree. The arguments and altercations continued for some time. Babu gogineni told, in the first place it is the mistake of Big Boss for not clearly spelling the rule that contestants should not hide apples in their clothes.

However audience who watched this were really surprised as it was very difficult to watch these kind of arguments along with kids and family. But it is to be remembered that even in Bigg Boss season 1 Telugu also there were couple of episodes that were heavily criticized by media, families and general audience – like the episode in which lost contestants had to shave the armpits of others. But later makers of season-1 mended their ways and these kind of incidents were not repeated. Will they now take this episode as lesson and make sure the next episodes could be watched by families?

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