Bigg boss 2 Telugu : Nani slammed Kaushal for “flipping” his stand


Bigg boss show is getting interesting day by day with unexpected twists and turns. Audience also seem to be more emotionally connected to the contestants this season, which is evident from humongous volume of discussions and debates happening about the show and the incidents taking place inside the house. Usually, every week, Nani slams a few contestants for what they did during this week episodes. But first time in recent times, Nani cornered Kaushal.

Deepthi hurt during “Pirates and Survivors” task earlier

It is known that there was “Pirates and Survivors” task that lasted for 2 days and Pooja ,who surprised audience with her daring performance, became captain for this week. The task was – housemates are split into 2 groups – pirates and survivors. Survivors are supposed to hang on to a plank. Pirates will attempt to drag them off from the plank but Survivor team mates have to resist that and make all attempts to hang on to plank without letting their foot touch the ground. During this task, Nandini and Kaushal were part of same team and they tried to pull off Deepthi Nallamothu from the plank by flipping the plank and Deepthi was hurt during the task.

Nani exposed Kausal’s change of words

Nani today sought an explanation from Kaushal on this. Kaushal told that he is against “flipping” the plank during the task and he never told Nandini to flip the plank to make Deepthi fall from the plank. After listening to him patiently, Nani played the clip of the task, in which Kaushal was saying to Nandini to flip the plank. Then Kaushal admitted that he told Nandini to flip the plank but it was because every other member is doing same he also agreed to ‘flip’ it even though he doesn’t like it. But Nani didn’t stop there. Nani asked Nandini’s response on Kaushal’s explanation. She too blamed Kaushal because as soon as she started flipping the plank, Kaushal moved away from the plank and so she couldn’t handle plank and Deepthi and so Deepthi got hurt. Then again Nani asked Kaushal’s explanation and Kaushal tried to defend himself but in vain.

Nani’s advise to Kaushal

Then Nani told Kaushal that, because of his behavior in previous episodes, he got many fans among audience and pointed out that he may lose the same fans if he continues such flipping of words in future. He reminded that “Anything can happen in Bigg Boss show” and earning fans from audience happens so quickly during Bigg boss show but at the same losing them happens even faster.

Some of the other highlights during the show are – Geetha Madhuri imitating Mumaith Khan so perfectly, Nutan Naidu’s birthday falling on the same day and one of the audience get a chance to talk to one of the housemates over phone and he chose to talk to Pooja. Out of the 5 nominated for eviction, Babu and Kaushal came into protected zone today.

We will have to wait for next episode who will be evicted this week among the nominated – TV9 Deepthi , Ganesh, and Nandini.

-ZURAN (@CriticZuran)

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