Bigg Boss 2: “Why should you vote me ? ” campaign


It is just one more week for Bigg Boss finale. Today Nani asked housemates to campaign and explain audience why they should vote for him or her.

Before this campaigning task, Devadas team visited the house. Nagarjuna evoked a few laughs in the house by saying he cannot live in a house like this for these many days without family. But only exception is, he added, he can stay in this kind of house if all other housemates are beautiful ladies. After Nagarjuna and heroines of Devadas left the house, campaigning task started.

Kaushal’s story, goosebumps to fans but unbearable negativity for others: Kaushal started campaigning with an example of a parable. In a lengthy story, he compared himself with hunter on a mission to hunt a tiger and other housemates as fellow hunters. He told, fellow hunters , instead of hunting a tiger, hunt him because of jealousy but he survived the wounds made to him by housemates and wins the title and proves his mettle. Even though Kaushal’s story might have given goosebumps to his fans, for others it looked like a story with tons of negativity on fellow housemates. He later took name of each contestant and pointed out one negative remark on each of the housemates.

Deepti’s sensible speech: Winning hearts more important than title: Next to campaign is Deepthi. Deepti told she is very happy for continuing in the house for these many days. She became emotional as she recalled Tanish calling her “Amma” and Samrat calling her “Akka” though they don’t have any blood relation. She spoke very sensibly by saying “For the sake of my campaigning, I don’t want to pass negative comments on my fellow housemates. Let the people decide who the best is and let the best win”. She also told, even though she missed the family, in Bigg Boss house she formed good relationships and it is like extended family for her. She ended by saying, winning the title only is not the criteria but winning the hearts of people is more important.

Roll Rida’s success in popularizing independent music: Roll Rida told he came into the Bigg Boss house to promote independent music in Telugu States. He wants to give a big platform for those Street Boys (Galli Porallu). He recalled the incident when a  5th class kid told his teacher that he wanted to become “Roll Rida”. He also told, he earned many fans because of the show and he is happy with that.  He also told,” Let the best man win” without passing any negative comments on fellow housemates.
Samrat became emotional: Samrat while campaigning for himself became emotional and told that he has reached till finale and that itself is a big achievement for him. But he told, he wants to win the title and show them ( indirectly referring to his wife with whom he has disputes as marriage is on the verge of divorce) what they have missed.
Geeta’s positive remarks instead of negative comments on housemates: Geeta thanked her family members and all the music directors who gave her opportunities for singing. She told, whatever opportunity came in life, she just utilised it and her motto is to “be happy and be content”. As part of the task, she has a chance to do negative campaigning on housemates but instead of passing negative remarks, she passed positive remarks on each of the housemates. She told, she is inspired by merit of Roll Rida and Tanish as students, by Samrat when it comes to sports, by Kaushal’s fighting spirit . She asked audience to “vote for all of us”.
Tanish: Sacrificing for those who trust me gives me happiness: Tanish tried to clarify about comments on sacrificing in the house instead of playing his own game. He told, right from his childhood, sacrificing for those who trust him is the thing that gives him happiness. He told he didn’t act in the house and he was just himself in the house but yet people loved him and he is very happy for that. When asked about pointing negatives on fellow housemates, he told, “I think all of these are my family members. How can anyone say I am greater than my father in one particular aspect, I am greater than my mother in this particular aspect and I am greater than my sibling in this particular aspect. when I say these are all my family members, I cannot pass negative comments on them. “
No housemate retaliated to Kaushal comments despite his harsh remarks: Kaushal, Deepthi and Tanish’s speeches got applause from audience. Except Kaushal, all the housemates spoke very positively about the experience in the house and about the fellow housemates. Kaushal tried yet again to project his fellow housemates as his arch-rivals. Surprisingly none of the housemates retaliated to Kaushal even though he made very harsh and degrading comments on all of them.

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  1. This itself shows K______’s path is HATR3D!!!

    K_____A____ also follows the same – HAT3 SPEECH, ABU5E, etc. in all possible ways!!!

    Whatever K_______ does/says is correct!!! Jai K______A______ of !d!0ts!!!

    Even if he wins the title, it will be of no value!!!

  2. Paid army cannot understand or accept truth. When you campaigning you should always look for positive energy lying within you. Not to search for sympathy. Symapthy can shower few tears but cannot get victory. Kudos to all the contestants those who spoke positively.

  3. Great all the contestants those who spoke positively…. Koushal wants to blame and create negative impression on other contestants… Geetha, deepthi, Tanish, Samrat and roll ride spoke very positively and that shows their good heart and attitude..
    I strongly say if koushal wins the title, it will be of no value for sure………….


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