Bigg boss nominations: Its a matter of luck


With 7 members in the house, the nomination process is getting tough and intense. This week, Bigg boss made the process tricky and ‘luck-based’.

The first phase of the nomination process:

Bigg Boss asked the contestants to run into the garden once a buzzer sound is heard and wear the hat place there. Some of those hats will have a red color inside. Those who get the red hat will be nominated. This will be the first phase of nomination. In this phase, Sohail and Monal got lucky as they got green hats and the rest of the 4 i.e. Abhijit, Akhil, Ariyana, and Avinash got nominated. Harika is out of the process as she is the captain. This process is different compared to previous nominations as luck played a major role in this process.

The second phase:

In this phase, the 4 contestants who are nominated can request those who are safe to swap with them. Avinash requested Monal for so long but she didn’t agree to swap. The same happened with Ariyana too. Her discussion with Monal led to an altercation. More than these 2 conversations, the conversation Akhil with Monal was very interesting. Despite their friendship, she did not agree to swap with him and Akhil seemed to have pissed off with her answers. Abhijit told, he was moved by the gesture of Monal’s mother, who told Abhiit is her favorite player and so she doesn’t want to swap with Monal. He announced he doesn’t want to swap with anyone. During the process, at some point of time, Sohail asked Akhil that he will swap with Akhil but Akhil did not agree as Sohail initially denied when Akhil requested.

The third phase:

As the swap did not happen with anyone, Bigg boss gave power to Harika to swap one of the nominated persons. She swapped Monal with Abhijit. She told, she couldn’t find any reasons to swap Sohail. She admitted that Monal is also playing well but compared to Sohail, Monal is weak and so she swapped her. She also gave valid reasons to swap with Abhijit.

Overall, Akhil, Ariyana, Avinash, and Monal are in nominations this week.

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