BJP treating AP CM as a greater threat than Congress?


These days, the BJP senior leaders are looking for every little chance to criticise and defame AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. They seem to be least bothered whether a given issue is worthy or not to be used to attack a high profile politician occupying such a high position.

An immediate example is the recent effort by BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao to blow UNO invitation out of proportions. The Chief Minister’s Office quickly rose to the occasion and made public the UNO invitation leaving no chance for BJP MP to keep mum without making further statements.

Narasimha Rao’s doubt was that AP CM’s scheduled address to UN conclave on Sep 24 was merely a publicity stunt aimed at attracting the wider attention of the Telugu people not only in AP but also in US and other parts of the world. There would be little chance to mislead people with regard to a CM’s programme as the CMO activities are looked after by senior IAS officers who have vast administrative experience and who cannot go wrong in such important and sensitive matters.

AP CM has already reached New York and addressed a Telugu NRIs conclave. He is going to address world leaders as the keynote speaker at the conference to be organised by the UN Environment Programme in New York on ‘Financing Sustainable Agriculture: Global challenges and opportunities”.

As BJP leaders go speechless at this development, the TDP leaders are making merry by seeking to hit back at their opponents. TDP MP Maganti Murali Mohan has now said that the BJP leaders and PM Modi were apparently jealous of the many accomplishments of AP CM and more recently of the prestigious UNO invitation.

Ahead of 2019 elections, BJP wants to strengthen itself in southern states which is why its leaders’ anxiety and eagerness to take on rivals. After the narrow loss of power in Karnataka in May, 2018, BJP leaders realised how TDP had played its role in causing this defeat by making Telugus to favour JDS-Cong combine there.

Expectedly, BJP senior leaders are hell bent upon hitting back at AP CM and weaken his party by 2019 general elections. In the process, they are not bothering much to criticise AP Congress leaders and their activities.

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