Here’s what happens when young talent is nurtured by an industry bigwig


These youngsters have got talent and the willingness to go beyond the tried and tested rut of formulaic films. Moreover, they have a fresh offering of ideas and a modern vision. Add to that, they understand the pulse of the audiences.

Then, the veterans have a know-how of every detail related to a film’s release, what works, what doesn’t and how to make things viable and valuable. They know how to make more money by investing as less as possible.

Well, what happens when the two team up? The answer is simple. It’s the audience who is in for a treat. A well marketed product, which is in sync with the mindsets of the present generation. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be treated to better cinema. Who wouldn’t like endearing, fresh stories?

Sounds ambitious? It definitely is. And when a producer like Suresh Babu – an expert in his craft decided to back a small film which had little or no buzz before, #PelliChoopulu, what has come to light is the nerd for these industry biggies to trust in such products.

We hear that for the team of the film, headed by director Tharun Bhascker and a few trusted aides who helped them reach the head of Suresh Productions, it was no easy task to convince him in the ability of the product. But guess what, he did give time to watch what these young guns had done. And the result, he decided to back the film.

So you might be wondering what the advantage is when such a bigwig associated with a film like this which hardly generated a buzz. Well, the answer is a lot happened. The film’s promotion went on to an altogether different level. Then, the film has had around 15 premieres across the Telugu speaking states which is helping spread a lot of good word of mouth. And more importantly, they are getting the right platform.

Well, this is a very rare occurrence. And now, with so much of positive buzz surrounding the film, it seems there’s no looking back for them.

Suresh Babu has taken a step forward. We would like him to take many more now and encourage his colleagues from the industry to do so. What does Telugu cinema really need right now? A new wave. And that’s possible only when the youngsters are given better platforms.

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