Jagan tactic to win sympathy in Tirupati bypoll


Since the days of YSR, their family has been known for making enemies of all others and gaining sympathy from their followers and general public. YSR played the same card while in the Congress. He was branded a perpetual dissident till he became the Chief Minister by projecting himself as the sole saviour of the Congress against the TDP and its friendly media.

Now, YSR son Jaganmohan Reddy is using the same sympathy card with greater smartness. Political circles are by now clear that the unsigned letter from Vijayamma is the handiwork of the Jagan Reddy Advisors. In the letter, they have tried to play the victim card as before. She has blamed the TDP, Chandrababu Naidu, Eenadu-ETV, Andhra Jyothi-ABN, TV5, Pawan Kalyan and such others for targetting their family.

In the process of attacking the rivals, Vijayamma has conveniently ignored the fact that even her slain brother-in-law Vivekananda Reddy’s daughter Sunitha was raising doubts against the Jagan regime. Whoever is behind Sunitha Reddy’s Delhi press conference, the TDP, the BJP and Pawan Kalyan have made the Viveka murder a big issue in the Tirupati bypoll.

CM Jagan has smartly brought to the fore the letter politics in the name of his mother. This is obviously to generate sympathy among the voters. Time will tell whether these tactics will work for Jagan ever after the people saw two years of his rule.

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  1. CBI working under Central directions. Now a days they are taking too long time to solve the cases. They visited the victim place many times and collected the evidence. But still no update on it. It’s good Sunitha gave letter to CBI asking for status.
    But our yellow media projected as she has doubts in family itself. So Vijayamma gave fitting reply and clarification.

    • సునీతా clearly told she has doubts on uncle రవిందెరెడ్డి రెడ్డి అండ్. ఎంపీ. మిథున్రెడ్డి. రీడ్ ఒన్స్ అగైన్ ఓర సి ఇన్. యూ ట్యూబ్

      • Yeah so what. How can yellow media and PK guru and TDP blame it on Jagan. She didn’t mention Jagans name and more over she complained against CBI for not solving the case. How can Jagan influence CBI ?

        Think. Not blindly blame a person if you don’t like him. Its like me saying you are a murder and thief. Lol.

        • బయ్యా పవర్ లో ఉన్నోడు. బాబాయ్ ని చంపినోళ్ళని పట్టుకోలేకుంటే 2 ఇయర్స్ తర్వాత ఇక ప్రజలని ఏమి కాపాడతాడు. టీడీపీ వాళ్ళని మాత్రం శుక్రవారం ఇల్లు పడగొట్టడం , జైలు లో వెయ్యడం 16 నెలలు జైలు లో ఉన్నవని అన్నందుకు కక్ష తిర్కకోడం , కోర్ట్ లతో మొట్టికాయలు , చెప్పుదెబ్బలు తినడం సరైన సీఎం అయితే చెయ్యదు. కుళ్ళుబోతు. సీఎం తప్ప.

  2. ఈ బైబిల్ తల్లి గాంధారి ని జనాలు ఇంకా నమ్ముతున్నారా ? మహా మేత బతికున్నప్పుడు. వేడిని బెంగుళూరు పంపిచేయ్యవే అంటే మొగుడిని నువ్వు పో అన్న తల్లి ఈ గాంధారి తల్లి. పాపం రోసి గాడికి చెప్పుకుని ఏడ్చాడని దారిన పోయే దానయ్య రోసిగాడే సెలవిచ్చాడు

  3. As i said whatever cooked stories you create, they will get more sympathy. She just gave clarity with letter as yellow media creating stories like they have rifts in family. In our Country there are many politicians who are belongs to same family but in different political parties. That doesn’t mean family has issues.
    Sunitha requested CBI to solve the case quickly and do not delay it. Nothing wrong in it.
    Stop thinking foolishly and give advices which are useful for CBN to build party from scratch. These family stories wont bring any votes and useful.


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