Kodali’s all out attack on Naidu, Ramoji, RK, TV5 Naidu


As expected, CM Jagan Reddy used his last weapon in his armoury to attack his rivals. He is none other than Minister Kodali Nani who has begun his belated but bitter criticism of the opponents. Kodali directly attacked Chandrabau, Ramoji Rao, ABN Radha Krishna and TV5 Naidu, saying that these foursome were suffering from symptoms that were more dangerous than even Coronavirus. These four persons were spreading all lies to defame the Governments.

Kodali told the people that PM Modi and CM Jagan were working efficiently to control the Covid epidemic at the national and the State levels. But the above four persons were not able to see the good work being done by the AP regime. In a single day, over 6 lakh people were administered the Corona vaccine in AP. Why can’t these four persons see this as an achievement of the State Government?

Minister Kodali strongly defended the booking of a case against Chandrababu Naidu, saying that the TDP chief created a scare among the people. The CBN420 virus originated in Naravaripalle to destroy the State as a whole. CM Jagan has written two letters already to the Centre for vaccines supply. Chandrababu’s madness reached a peak.

Kodali said it was not easy to procure vaccines and the Government would transfer Rs. 1,600 Cr to Chandrababu’s account if he could get 10 lakh doses per day for AP. It was not like mixing water in Heritage milk to buy vaccines at this critical time.

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  1. Vedoka kukka. Vadu ye kulam lo puttado doubt. Babu kulam lo putti unte ila మాట్లాడడు , అర్ధం చేసుకోరు. ! వీడిప్రెస్ మీట్స్ కి అటెండ్ అయ్యే చానెల్స్ ని , కవర్ చేసే వాళ్ళను. అమలు. తెలుగు 360 యుత్తన్తి వెదవలు వార్తలు వెయ్యకు.

    • నాని Anna కి తమ్ముడివేన ayite నువ్వు బూతు పురాణమేనా ? అయితే నిన్ను బాన్ చేస్తున్న. Bye .

  2. This minister knows only abusing others he has tell govt action s postively. Bad mind attracts bad things . Good mind atracts good things. Abusing badly others has great karma to do coming days

    • దాన్ని లారీ డ్రైవర్ బాషా అనే వాళ్ళు , ఇప్పుడు డ్రైవర్స్ కూడా మర్యాదగా ఉండేవారు. అప్పట్లో రోడ్ పక్కన. లారీ లాపి. లూప్ లు వాడేవారంతా. ఆ బాపతు వీడు.


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