Was Kommineni forced out of NTV at the behest of Naidu?


Kommineni Quits NTV to join sakshi

As per media circles, Kommineni Srinivasa Rao (KSR) is out of NTV last week. Kommineni is known for his news analysis program “Live Show with KSR”, which airs at 715 AM everyday. For the starters, Kommineni is one of the most senior journalists in Telugu states. He was bureau chief of Eenadu  news paper till 2002 and then played a key role in resuscitation of Vemuri Radhakrisha’s Andhrajyothy. Kommineni then ventured into electronic media and worked at NTV and TV5. KSR boasts of an enviable track record and is known as “walking mine of information”.

As per the grapevine, Naidu and Lokesh coerced upon NTV’s Narendra Chowdary to give a pink slip to Kommineni.  TDP big wigs perceive Kommineni to be against ruling Telugu desam party and to be voice of YSR congress party. TDP had an unofficial moratorium on “Live Show with KSR” from a long time and it’s leaders were not allowed to participate in this program. In light of this, Narendra Chowdary had to let go Kommineni. Journalists from NTV told that Kommineni doesn’t have much editorial sway at NTV from last two years. He just runs the “Live Show with KSR” and is actively involved in maintaining his personal website. Media circles are abuzz that Jagan offered a job at Sakshi and Kommineni is deliberating whether to take up that or not. If he ends up taking it, he will then join some of his old time colleagues Amar Devulapalli, K Rama Chandra Murthy, Dileep Reddy etc.

This is an interesting turn of events for Kommineni, who was once regarded as right hand man for Ramoji when he was with Eenadu. There are also news that Kommineni also helped draft TDP’s manifesto in 2004. Wishing all the best for KSR!!

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