Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu Movie Review


Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating : 1/5

Starring : Mohan Babu, Allari Naresh, Meena, Ramya Krishna, Poorna

Director : Srinivas Reddy

Producer : 24 Frames factory

Music : Raghu Kunche, Achu and Koti

Run Time : 135 Minutes

Collection King Mohan Babu has completed an illustrious journey of 4 decades in Tollywood and Allari Naresh has acted in 50 odd films so far in his career. Both of them teamed up for a family entertainer Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu which released today. Let’s us see if the film’s turns out to be a memorable one for Mohan Babu and Allari Naresh.

Story :

Bhaktavatsala Naidu (Mohan Babu) is the husband to two women played by Suryakantham (Meena) and Priyam Vada (Ramya Krishna). Shruthi (Poorna) is Suryakantham’s daughter and Gautham (Varun Sandesh) is Priyam Vada’s son. Both Shruthi and Gautham accidentally come into contact with each other and plan to meet one day. Knowing this, Bhaktavatsala Naidu introduces Balaraju (Allari Naresh) to avert the meeting. Taking advantage of the situation, Balaraju deceives Shruthi and makes her fall in love with him.

The rest of the story is how Bhaktavatsala Naidu manges to juggle between his two innocent wives and how he tries to foil the plans of Balaraju from marrying his daughter.

Positive Points :

The only plus point for the film is that it has a crisp run time of 135 minutes.

Negative Points :

The story of the film is just a rehash of various old films in which the hero juggles between his two wives somehow managing his secret affair till the end before speaking some preachy dialogues. Mohan Babu’s classic Allari Mogudu is one best example.

The beaten to death storyline is packed with some senseless comedy scenes which fail to bring laughs for the viewers. Comedian Ali tried his best to bring some, but it goes in vain as his character ends as an utter waste.

Mohan Babu is a total misfit in his character and so are both Meena and Ramya Krishna. There are no earth shattering performances from any of them to keep the audience hooked.

Allari Naresh couldn’t have asked for a worse character than this for his 50th film. His character is poorly written and has no scope to bring his antics into play.

Both halves are poorly executed and just 15 minutes into the film, you can sense what will happen in the next two hours and the over the board dialogues tests your patience.

There is no detailing of the important characters in the film. The director also missed out on various logics. Poorna and Varun Sandesh are a complete waste in the film.

Technical Departments

Director Srinivas Reddy used the time tested formula and induced routine comedy which fails to keep the audience interested on this family entertainer. His predictable screenplay doesn’t do any favours either.

Music score by Raghu, Achu and Koti is unimpressive and so is the background score. The over the board one liners penned by Sridhar Seppana frustrate the viewers to the core.

Cinematography is adequate and the production values by 24 Frames are just OK.

Final Verdict :

Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu is a poorly baked family entertainer and can be a horrible experience for the audience on this Christmas. The film fails in all departments and the box office verdict can be nothing but a disaster.

Telugu360 Rating 1/5

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