Naa peru Surya 3 days Worldwide Collections – Very Average


Naa peru Surya 3 days Worldwide Collections

Naa Peru Surya has a very average weekend worldwide with a distributor share of over 37 Cr. This is the second highest weekend for the hero as it fell behind his last year release DJ. Worldwide Theatrical rights of the film are valued at 80 cr and the recovery so far is just over 45 percent. The film will drop today ie, on Day 4 and it’s needs to be seen how big that will be.

Below are the area wise 3 days Shares

AreaPre-Release Business Closing Collections2 weeks Worldwide Shares1st Week Shares4 Days Shares3 Days Shares2 Days ShareDay1 Shares
Nizam 20.2 Cr - NRA12.60 Cr12.50 Cr11.10Cr9.60Cr8.50Cr6.30 Cr4.05 Cr
Ceded 11.25 Cr - NRA6.80 Cr6.65 Cr5.80Cr4.85Cr4.30Cr3.22 Cr2.35 Cr
UA UA+Guntur 14 Cr - NRA5.30 Cr5.20 Cr4.51Cr3.93Cr3.55Cr2.84 Cr2.02 Cr
Guntur UA+Guntur 14 Cr - NRA3.90 Cr3.85 Cr3.66Cr3.46Cr3.31Cr2.87 Cr2.47 Cr
East 5.2 Cr - NRA3.70 Cr3.60 Cr3.20Cr2.91Cr2.76Cr2.43 Cr2.07 Cr
West 4.20 Cr - Valued2.85 Cr2.77 Cr2.47Cr2.21Cr2.06Cr1.77 Cr1.54 Cr
Krishna 4.50 Cr - Valued2.65 Cr2.56 Cr2.32Cr2.06Cr1.88Cr1.44 Cr1.05 Cr
Nellore 2.60 Cr - NRA1.64 Cr1.55 Cr1.37Cr1.20Cr1.07Cr0.85 Cr0.65 Cr
Total : AP and TS 61.95 Cr39.44 Cr38.68 Cr34.43Cr30.22Cr27.43Cr21.72 Cr16.20 Cr
ROI8.50 Cr(Including TN Tamil Version ) - Outright6.60 Cr (only Telugu version)6.60 Cr (only Telugu version)6.20Cr (only Telugu Version)6.05Cr
Overseas7.2 Cr Valued4.10 Cr4.10 Cr4.00Cr3.80Cr
WorldWide77.65 Cr50.14 Cr49.38 Cr44.63Cr37.28Cr

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  1. బిగ్ బాస్ షో లో వంద రోజులకి ముప్పై లక్షలు … సినిమా లో మూడు నిమిషాలకి పదిహేను లక్షలు అంటే కాస్టింగ్ కౌచ్ తో కలిపి ఏమో …

    • అంతేగా ! అంతేగా. , లేకుంటే. 15 వారాలు ఎట్ట ఉంటది. ,పైగా. మన్మధుడు ముసిలోడు అయిపోయాడు.

  2. అందం గా ఉంది గదా. ఇస్తారు. ఎంతయినా. ఒంగోలు మాగంటి దొంగ డబ్బే కదా. !


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