Naidu can’t read English: Jagan in Assembly debate


As usual, AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy went on making degraded, personal remarks against Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu in the Assembly. It was during the heated debate on the GO 2430. Jagan Reddy, pointing towards Naidu, said that TDP leader is opposing the GO probably because he is not able to read English. Then, CM went on reading aloud contents in the GO saying that nothing in the GO would harm the media if they do not deliberately defame the government. Jagan said that the forty years industry Naidu doesn’t understand this because he doesn’t know English. Coolly reacting to this, Chandrababu asked CM whether the national English daily newspapers are also not able to read YCR Circar GO because it is in English.

Naidu said that the whole media opposed GO 2430 because it violates freedom of expression by empowering government to file cases against media. Naidu asked Jagan why national media is also opposing his GO. He sarcastically asked Jagan to stop thinking that he is the only one who knows English. Naidu wondered whether Jagan Reddy may teach English skills to the Hindu, the Times of India, the Hindustan Times, etc. It is totally unbecoming of Jagan Reddy to speak such a language that doesn’t deserve a chief minister. As usual, Jagan kept laughing emptily all this time.

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