Naidu writes to Governor against Govt harassment


This is to bring to Your Excellency’s notice about the manner in which the ruling YSRCP is targeting opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders and cadre by weakening them economically and politically. For this, the ruling YSRCP has formed Andhra Pradesh State Directorate for Revenue Intelligence (APSDRI) and started targeting TDP leaders in order to weaken them financially and politically by threatening them. In the process, APSDRI instead of performing as per its official mandate, has turned into a weapon in the ruling YSRCP quiver to harass its dissenters and detractors. For this, Chilakala Rajeswara Reddy was appointed as the Special Commissioner of the APSDRI, a close associate of the YSRCP.

Accordingly, the APSDRI is specifically targeting TDP leaders and cadres and going on a rampage in imposing fines, making arrests, undertaking unscheduled and sudden searches of firms and houses. Much before the epic harassment of TDP MLA Shri Yeluri Sambasavia Rao by the APSDRI was forgotten; the APSDRI turned its eye towards another former Minister and senior TDP leader Shri P. Narayana in Nellore. The latest in the series is the harassment of former Minister and senior TDP leader Prattipati Pullarao son P Sarath. Interestingly, Sarath was only an Additional Director in the said firm for 68 days, i.e., 9th December 2019 to 14th February 2020.

Further, in the complaint lodged by the Deputy Director of APSRDI, S Seetha Rama Reddy, he clearly mentioned that an inquiry was launched by the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DDGI), Government of India, Hyderabad and accordingly a notice was served to with regard to payment of Rs 16 crore as fine. It is not only surprising, but also shocking to know that the APSDRI took over the case already under inquiry by the DGGI, Hyderabad.

Is it not a targeted harassment of TDP leaders and their families by making false accusations and foisting unknown linkages and affecting arrests? In the first place why was the APSDRI established? What are its objectives? Is it to harass TDP leaders and their families? How many cases did it file in the past three years? The ruling YSRCP has been using the Crime Investigation Department (CID) as its puppet to settle political scores and similarly formed APSDRI to target dissent voices and weaken them financially and politically by foisting false cases. It is also worth mentioning that several businesspersons, unable to bear the harassment of APSDRI had approached the court for justice.

It is apparent that the ruling YSRCP is going to lose in the forthcoming elections and in its desperation is targeting and harassing TDP leaders and their families. Such illegal tactics do not augur well for democracy. Therefore, it appealed for Your Excellency’s intervention and ensured that such illegal and cheap tactics were immediately stopped by the ruling YSRCP. Only a quick action by Your Excellency would help in saving democracy in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Nara Chandrababu Naidu

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