Why Pawan looking backward instead of forward?


Pawan Kalyan Public meetings

Pawan’s latest meetings and his speeches are leading to big debates in TV channels everyday. There is lot of coverage for his programs in electronic media. Pawan also able to deliver speeches that could not be ignored – whether you agree with his view point or not. But one thing that surprised everyone is his repeatedly mentioned statements on Chiranjeevi’s erstwhile PRP and the people associated with that party.

Pawan stated, he wont spare any one who back-stabbed his brother Chiranjeevi. He went even further and clearly named the people like Parakala Prabhakar and spoke about him. Pawan made sort of shocking comments on Prabhakar by reminding the acts he did while leaving PRP. Also he tried to embarrass Prabhakar by asking what he did to AP state despite his wife being minister in Modi’s cabinet. Also, he told, he still clearly remembers all those who back-stabbed PRP and added will teach them a lesson when time arrives. He also added, Radha Krishna sometime back wrote an article in his paper in which he attempted to confine Pawan to Kapu community and project him as Kapu leader. Pawan(indirectly) warned Radha Krishna not to repeat such things and if such things repeated, he will reveal the statistics of how many people belonging to same caste are working in his institution.

Though these kind of statements bring lot of cheer and enthusiasm to Cadre (or let’s say fans), this will ultimately do more harm than good to PK(Pawan Kalyan). Because people expect Janasena to do clean politics that PK has been promising. Clean politics does not only mean politics without influence of money and without corruption. It also means, politics without personal vendetta. By saying “We will not spare those backstabbers”, PK is indirectly hinting that he will also do vendetta politics that some seasonal politicians usually do. PK should earn people’s trust by assuring them good future and showing them his vision. By openly revealing his agenda of taking revenge he will not earn any single NEW vote. If there are some who still sympathize with PRP, anyway most of them are expected to support Janasena as at this moment Janasena seems to be doing “little” better than PRP. PK should work to win the trust of people by revealing his manifesto or his plans for betterment of people lives. He has to look forward , not backward.

BUT still, what could be the reason for PK doing such retrospection in front of the audience and taking vow to revenge on them. Is it just a tongue-in-cheek moment which PK may realize later or is it a strategic and intentional move by PK. Difficult to answer. But in case it is intentional move, the reason could be this – PK wants to avoid being a soft target. When one enters into politics, anyone and everyone can criticize him because he is in public life. Also that is not avoidable because most of the opponent party people will ALWAYS criticize irrespective of what he is doing. But, as it was seen in case of Chiranjeevi, in addition to those serious political players, almost everyone criticized Chiranjeevi and that revealed to the people how helpless is megastar off-screen. So PK wants to avoid being a soft target and by repeatedly saying “wont spare” statements, he is actually giving prior warnings to Dick and Harry who just want to give it a try and throw a pebble or two on his party. This could be the reason – if PK has delivered all these statements purposefully.

However, one thing needs to be remembered. Though taking decisions in current based on the injustice meted out in the flashback to protagonist or his family is still the most successful point in popular cinema, emulating such popular cinematic points wont fetch popular votes. Hope PK would realize this soon!!!

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