Saaho- A small step for Prabhas, big leap for Tollywood


In a day, the big budgeted action bonanza Saaho featuring Prabhas will be seen on the silver screen, which will be a festival of sorts for Telugu audiences. As the film is also releasing big time across India in many languages, the Telugu film industry is waiting with bated breath for the result for many other reasons.

The success of Saaho is so important not from a business and investment perspective alone, but also for a sparkling future of Telugu cinema. If at all, Saaho turns superior blockbuster, more and more Bollywood producers will be interested in invest huge bucks in the films of Telugu directors and producers. There will be a crossover of actors (which is happening already), technicians, and all other talents. Market potential and talent pool of Telugu films will be expanded big time.

Though Baahubali series has opened doors for Telugu movies in Northern parts of the country, the true commercial success will be attained only if Saaho seals the win with a superior victory. There are those who believe that the sheer success of Baahubali is due to divine luck and such people will love to say success depends on craftsmanship and the art of storytelling in case if Saaho proves the mettle. That will also give a boost to Sye Raa’s presence as well, as Saaho’s success wins respect for Telugu films and filmmakers forever.

If we look at this film from Prabhas’ perspective, for the craze he amassed with Baahubali, Saaho will be another small step for him. Because even a dozen of his next films will run in Bollywood for the rage that engulfed him after the success of his first magnum opus. But for Tollywood, Saaho’s success will be a giant leap, in terms of market, numbers and respect.

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