Sharmila’s team intentionally releasing those ‘trolled videos’?


Recently YS Sharmila started preparations to launch her own political party in Telangana. She has been meeting her fans and some political leaders who are not in form. Some of the videos of Sharmila’s meetings with them are circulated on social media and are trolled heavily. As per some inside info, Sharmila’s team is intentionally releasing those videos despite predicting that they will be trolled. Details as below.

Recently Sharmila met with students and one young man spoke high of Sharmila and became very emotional during his speech. He came to terms only after being consoled by Sharmila herself. This video went viral on social media and was trolled heavily for the over-drama enacted by the young man. Congress leader Revanth Reddy responded to this video and clarified that the name of that person is Sunand Joseph and also revealed that he is not a student but he is one of the musicians in the Calvary temple choir team. He ridiculed all the incident and commented that both the Youngman and Sharmila deserve an oscar for their performance.

However, it is learnt that Sharmila’s team is well aware of these consequences and intentionally released this video as they expect such ‘tagging’ will have a positive impact on their party. It seems the aim of Sharmila’s party is not to win any election but to consolidate one section of people towards their party and thereby dent the other major political party which would otherwise get these votes. So, it seems Sharmila’s team will be releasing many such videos in future and will try to project that their party is the common choice of one section of people.

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