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Amigos Review – A Good Concept but Patchy film!

Amigos movie review

Amigos movie review

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

AMIGOS is about three lookalike persons who are not biologically related. Siddarth(Kalyan Ram)finds two of his doppelgangers Manjunath and Michael through a website. All three meet in Goa and soon become friends. Michael has a shady background, which pushes everyone into trouble. Rest of the story has many twists and turns between the three characters


Director Rajendra Reddy takes no time to get into the main story, which has interesting beginning. AMIGOS kind of stories are not attempted much on the Telugu screen. Hero villain friendship etc. elements are attempted between only the three main characters. The NIA (National Investigation Agency) chases down Bipin Roy who is the biggest gun dealer in the country. Siddhu( Kalyan Ram) likes RJ Ishika (AshikaRanganath) and takes family route to propose her. The love track runs only few minutes until the story opens into the main plot. Ekka Ekka song is good on screen. First half the film is just one hour in duration, sets the premise of the film. There is one commercial song ‘ EnnoRatrulostaayigaani..’ in the second half which is a remix of NBK’s hit song from Dharmakshetram. The real story is in second half, which connects all the dots as well as have lot of turns in the plot. However, one flipside is some of the turns are predictable. One of the NIA officers colluding with the villain does not make much sense. Production values by Mythri Movie Makers are adequate. Given the Bipin Roy’s arms (illegal) dealer profile, couple of action blocks would have helped the film commercially


Kalyan Ram performance is impactful as Michael, acted with ease in other two roles. The script is totally rely on the three characters and Kalyan ram pulls it off. Akshita is cute and adequate for the role. Brahmaji as Siddhu’s mama plays significant role.


Director Rajendra has packed the film tightly but missed to infuse high moments. Though he added surprise turns, they are not smart enough to impress the audience. SoundarRajan’s cinematography is excellent. The three characters in single frame scenes came out well. Ghibran’s background score is impressive at times, annoying few occasions.

Positives :

  • Kalyan Ram in triple role, his performance
  • Unique story plot
  • Tight screenplay


  • No High elevation scenes
  • Some predictable twists
  • Patchy climax


Kalyanram’s script selection is once again good.’Amigos’ film is an engaging thriller, a different kind of experience for Telugu audience. Director is able to handle the complex triple role script without any confusion to the audience. Overall, Amigos is a no regret one-time watch.

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

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