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For standing by Pawan, Ippatam tastes Jagan’s wrath


The officials of the Andhra Pradesh government had started demolition of houses in Ippatam village of Tadepalli mandal near Mangalagiri in Guntur district on Friday. The officials have issued notices for road widening and a week later, started demotion, much against the wishes of the residents.

The high court had slapped the government by issuing a stay order by evening. Though some houses were damaged by then, the residents of the village heaved a sigh of relief with the court’s intervention. The villagers feel that the high court order was a slap on the face of the government.

The decision of the government to widen the main road of this small village, whose population is just 4000, is seen from the acts of the villagers for the past one year. The villagers have given their lands for Pawan Kalyan to hold Jana Sena’s formation day public meeting in March 2022.

Even after that event, the villagers have been part of the Jana Sena programmes, which might have attracted the ire of Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and his party leaders. Unless for vendetta politics, there is no urgency for the government to widen the road of this small village.

One wonders why Jagan Mohan Reddy is going for such vendetta politics, which is sending wrong signals and uniting his critics. Even if Jagan Mohan Reddy wanted to show his displeasure at the villagers for aligning with the Jana Sena chief, what were the officials doing? Why did not the officials advise him against going for demolition.

Pawan Kalyan had strongly condemned the government’s action of demolishing the houses in the village. He said that people are getting ready to demolish the YSR Congress government in the state.

The Jana Sena chief extended his support to the Ippatam villagers and promised to visit them soon. He said he would stand by them even if Jagan Mohan Reddy and his officials get angry with him and the villagers.

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CM Naidu’s new spiritual concept for temple services


Andhra Pradesh government will develop all temple-towns in the state around the concept of ‘Annadanam, Vidyadanam and Pranadanam. This was the outcome of the meeting the chief minister Naidu had with the officials of endowments department. “Annadanam should be mandatory in every temple. No person in the temple surroundings should go hungry. We should be able to feed every person in the vicinity. Simultaneously, hygiene and sanitation should be maintained along with beautification and landscaping,” Naidu instructed the officials. From now onwards, in Andhra Pradesh, Annadanam, Vidyadanam and Pranadanam will become part of the temple activity.

Naidu, who has become spiritual and religious in recent past, is giving emphasis on the connection between spirituality and well being. ” If wellness and spirituality or positive attitude increases among people, it will bring down health issues. This will eventually bring down healthcare spending by people,” was the bottom line of his spirituality. On protecting the temple lands in the state, Naidu asked the officials to come up with innovative ways of developing parks and sports facilities in these areas, so that they are socially protected. “Temple should become part of people’s lives. On the occasions of birth, marriage and death, temples priests should take initiative to visit the houses of those and perform rituals,” he said.

Elaborating on the temple priests social services, the CM said, “If a baby is born, the priest from that village can visit their house and bless them. Similar practice can be followed for marriages. In case of death, they can perform the shuddhi puja and other rituals. This practice of connecting with people will bring goodwill,” he added. He also suggested to have a call centre and control room to monitor all the temples and their daily activities regularly.

His critics,however, argue that the growing religiosity or soft Hindutva of Naidu is result of his association with Prime Minister Modi, and his anxiety to impress him. His performing of Bhumi Puja for the Amaravathi capital city like King Janaka according to Hindu tradition attracted criticism from secular scholars.

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