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Gift a Biryani with “Love With Biryani”


This festive season, get your party hats on and indulge in flavours that redefine the art of gifting and celebration for one and for all. Gift Biryani to your loved ones in Hyderabad – from anywhere, anytime. Order Now.

In Hyderabad, Biryani is an emotion and Love With Biryani knows that! The brand aims to and has redefined the art of gifting across the beautiful city of Hyderabad.

It has created a unique and quite celebratory experience around India’s favourite delicacy. The beautiful packaging, enormous portions, and affordable rates make this an ideal gift for every biryani lover!

The explosion of flavors are sure to leave every biryani lover spellbound! Customers can order from Zomato, Swiggy & LWB Website. Visit “Love With Biryani” to place your order.

To commemorate everyone’s love for this special dish, the brand has also launched the insanely popular Biryani Anthem ft Roll Rida. If you have not heard it yet, visit this link to fall in love with the Biryani anthem! https://lovewithbiryani.com/biryani-anthem

Behind this successful venture stands a man who is a certified foodie and a flavourful businessman.

Mr Siva started his prolific career as an IT employee in the UK, but the passion for food has been brewing in him since his childhood. When asked by his parents what he wanted to be when he grows up, Siva nonchalantly said – A FOOD CRITIC!

His kitchen became a chemistry lab, and food became a science experiment. Months of research paid off where his legacy is preceded by authenticity and Indian cuisine.

During a camping trip in Canada with his friends, Siva showed what he had up his sleeve, which coaxed his iconic brand – Charminar Indian Cuisine & The Biryaniwalla in Canada.

His successful endeavours overseas not just include making a mark, but also has redefined how expats and foreigners indulge with Indian cuisine. With multiple establishments across Canada, Siva’s goal post for success keeps shifting with every new milestone he achieves.

Siva prides in providing the best of quality, taste and consistency. A customer only gives you 2 chances, he says. Their kitchen — that runs on the level of a cruise ship – is the heart and soul of their business.

What’s more? His determination and passion has enabled his business to form an alliance with Amazon Canada to provide 3000 weekly meals and also plans to leave a mark on the UK too.

“My journey from Computer and Keyboard to Ladle and Pan will always be driven by passion, hard work and a lot of determination”, he says.

“Food and music cut across all cultures and boundaries, and that is what has been done through Love with Biryani”, Siva concludes.

With an array of over 60+ Biryanis, you can order delicious varieties of Biryani that are delivered to showcase quality, authenticity, and deliciousness. Click this link to access the menu https://lovewithbiryani.com/menu

The food and the packaging instill love, joy, and celebrations all through the purest form of Hyderabadi essence, the Biryani!

Join hands with the Love with Biryani team to share the dream of Gifting through Indulgence throughout the globe. We’re accepting Franchise requests. Visit this page https://lovewithbiryani.com/franchise and share the details; our team will get back to you.

New year offer: https://lovewithbiryani.com/newyear-offer …. Order NOW!

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Election effect: Biryani scarcity and dull Jewellery business in Hyderabad


Hyderabad is very famous for Biryani. Many celebrities and politicians, whenever they visit Hyderabad, they make it sure to have Biryani. Most of the hotels serve Biryani until late night. Except at some very odd times of the day, mostly we can get Biryani any time in the day. But suddenly it seems there is Biryani scarcity in Hyderabad for regular customers.

Reportedly, there is a Biryani shortage in the afternoon and in the night. As this is election season, election campaigning is in full swing. Most of the candidates, belonging to leading political parties as well as independent candidates are mobilizing crowds, doing rallies and campaigning rigorously along with huge crowds. And these crowds come at a ‘cost’. The minimum thing they expect is food i.e. lunch and dinner to be provided by the leaders. So, Biryanies are selling fast in this election season. Normal people are surprised to hear Biryani is not available in their favorite Biryani spots and when asked hotel management saying them that, because of election season, Biryanis are selling so fast.

On the other hand, Jewellery shop owners are waiting for the election season to over as their business is dull. Because of the elections, there are police checkings at many places and if they find unaccounted money and money without proper receipts, they are seizing it until the receipts or proofs are provided. Fearing this, people are not carrying huge amounts of money and they are even scared to visit Jewellery shops with cash. Even though not having proper ‘Muhurtams’ etc are other reasons for dull business, Jewellery shop managers are saying , the main reason is elections.

Indeed, elections are impacting lives of people in different ways.

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Go Gaga Over Haleem


  Set in the midst of southern part of India, Nawabi City Hyderabad is not only famous for yummy biryani, Irani chai and pearls but even for its uncompromisingly delicious Haleem. Available only for forty days, in Ramzan season, Haleem is an important dish that paved way into the hearts of hardcore Hyderabadis.

A general walk in the bustling streets of Hyderabad in the evening hours will introduce you to small illuminated tents erected on big ovens. Usually found in every nook and corner of the city, these are places where you get the yummy Haleem.

If you are wondering what Haleem is all about, then let us tell you that it’s a non-vegetarian Hyderabadi dish  prepared with chicken/mutton, wheat flour and lentils. The crushed meat is put into the oven and cooked for nearly ten hours while adding up the spices and flour. Haleem specialists beat this dish with logs while its under preparation to ensure that the meat is mixed with flour and mentils. After properly cooked, it becomes a porridge. Fried onions and shorba (thick soup) are added to make the dish even more tastier. 

How did Haleem enter Hyderabad?

The origin of Haleem came from the term Harissa. The latter is a middle-eastern dish that was apparently a favourite dish of Prophet Mohammed. Harees (Harissa) and Haleem are more or less similar just that extra pinch of masalas and lentils go into Haleem to make it distinct.

When Bahamanis (Qutub Shahis) invaded Golconda and defeated Kakatiyas in 11th century, they constructed a fortified wall around Golconda Fort and made Hyderabad (Chechalam then) their home. It was then, they brought along n number of delicacies with them out of which Irani Tea and Haleem are quintessential habits they introduced to this part of India.

After the fall of Bahamanis, Asaf Jahis (Nizams) ruled Hyderabad. Haleem was made popular by Nizams, especially during the seventh and last Nizam—Osman Ali Khan’s regime.


While meat itself is considered to be a healthy dish with sufficient proteins in it, when it’s mixed with ground wheat and cooked with lentils and masalas for nearly ten hours—the amount of proteins that will go into this dish is unimaginable. It’s predominantly cooked during fasting season so that people who fast in the day time can boost their adrenaline levels. 

Ideal places in Hyderabad:

Given the popularity of Haleem, which is fast catching up amongst people of all ages and regions, all top notch restaurants serve Haleem.

However, there are some unique places where you pamper your taste buds without hurting your pockets. 

Shadab Hotel, near Charminar

Madina Hotel, Charminar

Pista House, Charming

Bahar Cafe, Basheerbagh

Niagara Hotel, Malakpet

Y2K Restaurant, Punjagutta

Shah, Moosarambagh

Sarvi, Banjarahills

Rumaan, Tolichowki

Shah House, Shalibanda

Paradise, Secunderabad

Deccan Emu Haleem, Golconda

Fish Haleem-Saleem Function Hall, Lakdikapool

Apart from these Haleem specialists, hundreds of outlets popped up everywhere in the city do serve this chicken porridge. While a single serving will cost you around hundred bucks, you can get a family pack for Rs. 500.

So, don’t miss Haleem when you happen to visit Hyderabad during Ramzan because it’s said ‘your trip to Hyderabad is incomplete without tasting Haleem!’

(Phani B)

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