Election effect: Biryani scarcity and dull Jewellery business in Hyderabad


Hyderabad is very famous for Biryani. Many celebrities and politicians, whenever they visit Hyderabad, they make it sure to have Biryani. Most of the hotels serve Biryani until late night. Except at some very odd times of the day, mostly we can get Biryani any time in the day. But suddenly it seems there is Biryani scarcity in Hyderabad for regular customers.

Reportedly, there is a Biryani shortage in the afternoon and in the night. As this is election season, election campaigning is in full swing. Most of the candidates, belonging to leading political parties as well as independent candidates are mobilizing crowds, doing rallies and campaigning rigorously along with huge crowds. And these crowds come at a ‘cost’. The minimum thing they expect is food i.e. lunch and dinner to be provided by the leaders. So, Biryanies are selling fast in this election season. Normal people are surprised to hear Biryani is not available in their favorite Biryani spots and when asked hotel management saying them that, because of election season, Biryanis are selling so fast.

On the other hand, Jewellery shop owners are waiting for the election season to over as their business is dull. Because of the elections, there are police checkings at many places and if they find unaccounted money and money without proper receipts, they are seizing it until the receipts or proofs are provided. Fearing this, people are not carrying huge amounts of money and they are even scared to visit Jewellery shops with cash. Even though not having proper ‘Muhurtams’ etc are other reasons for dull business, Jewellery shop managers are saying , the main reason is elections.

Indeed, elections are impacting lives of people in different ways.

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