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Karthikeya 2 Movie Review : Engaging Adventure!

Karthikeya 2 Movie Review


Telugu360 Rating 3/5

Story :

Dr. Karthikeya ( Nikhil) is a rational guy who finds scientific reasoning behind superstitious things. He along with Swati ( Anupama Paremeswaran), Srinivasa Reddy gets into trouble with gangs who are in search for Lord Srikrishna’s ornaments. The theme is adventurous genre with shades of treasure hunt and mythology mixed adequately


Director Chandoo Mondeti had scored a solid hit with racy thriller Karthikeya – 1, and the scale is ramped up a lot for the sequel. Given the extra budget the team got, the theme has been changed as well. Story wise Karthikeya -2 is not a great one, but the different backdrop and introducing new elements at regular intervals the team had succeeded in engaging the audience. Second half is focused on elevating Lord Krishna’s characteristics. On many occasions, it has been played well to the galleries.

First half of the film is primarily revolving around Dwaraka, Krishna devotees Abhira tribe thread is interesting premise. By the interval, multiple threads in parallel create curiosity and in second half ties them well. The Hinduism fervor spread across India at present helps this movie commercially. Good thing about the film is there is no routine love track as such between the hero and heroine.
Production values are very good given the limitations.


Nikhils carries the film on his shoulder effortless. Anupama Parameswaran did her part neatly. Comedian Srinivasa Reddy got a lengthy role after a while. Anupam Kher in his short presence elevated the film very well. Main villain could have been played by somebody else of bigger stature, but Aditya is okay.

Positives :

The script offers freshness
The Genre has universal appeal
Smart usage of Hindu Card
Engaging drama
Nikhil’s neat performance


Very cinematic liberties at times
Story is all over the top


Karthikeya-2 is an engaging travelogue through Hindu pilgrimages. It’s an adventurous concept clubbed with Hindu Mythological theme. The scale of the script is humongous, and the execution is appreciable. Overall, a decent film to watch

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