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Keedaa Cola Movie Review: Witty Fun

Keedaa Cola Movie review

Telugu360 Rating: 2.75/5

Tharun Bhascker holds a special place among the Telugu audience. He directed films like Pelli Choopulu and Ee Nagaraniki Emayyindi. Both these films are different in their ways. After a gap of years, he is back with Keedaa Cola and the film has been carrying an interesting buzz. Keedaa Cola is a crime comedy with Brahmanandam, Chaitanya Rao, Jeevan, Ravindra Vijay and Tharun Bhascker playing important roles. Keedaa Cola released today and here is the review of the film:


Vasthu (Chaitanya Rao) loses his parents and he stays with his grandfather Varadaraju (Brahmanandam). Vasthu suffers from a rare disease named Tourette Syndrome and it has a backstory. He works as a Medical Representative to earn for his living. Lancham (Rag Mayur) also stays with Vasthu who is a struggling lawyer. Vasthu finds a cockroach in the Cola brought for his grandfather. Lancham suggests filing a case in the Consumer Court to earn crores. Lancham heads to the store to collect the bill of the Cola bottle and he gets kidnapped by Naidu (Tharun Bhascker), Jeevan (Jeevan) and Sikander (Vishnu). The rest of the film is all about the conflict between them and what happens next.


Mixing crime and comedy is great if they are balanced well. Tharun Bhascker attempted the same with Keedaa Cola. The film opens at the pre-climax shot where the gun firing takes place. The first half is focused on introducing the major characters and Tharun Bhascker takes the audience to his world. The locations, characters and the making is impressive. The story starts from the angle of Vasthu, Varadaraju and Lancham. Their conversations are well written. The film takes a dark turn after the introduction of Jeevan and Naidu. Jeevan’s poster design, English dialogues, Sikander’s Jathara story and others are hilarious.

Keedaa Cola comes with a crisp runtime and the first half is short and impressive. The second half starts with the real crime story. The character of Bracket is well related in the second half. Naidu decides to speak in English for two hours on a daily basis and the episode in the second half is good. Jeevan’s struggles to become a Corporator along with the conversation with the Cola Company owner are also well written and presented.

Keedaa Cola has a thin plot and it is laced with humour through the lead characters. Some of the scenes are not convincing and so are some of the roles. Tharun Bhascker tried hard to impress the audience with his writing but there are enough flaws. Keedaa Cola has stuff that will not appeal to everyone. With a lot of characters, it is quite challenging to balance each and every role along with the humour and the crime aspect. Tharun Bhascker did that well.


Tharun Bhascker playing Naidu is the major highlight of Keedaa Cola. He penned his role well and did it well. The role of Naidu has a different swag and is well designed. Chaitanya Rao is decent in the role of Vasthu and he performed well. Rag Mayur was natural in the role of Lancham and some of his scenes came out really well. Brahmanandam suits well in the role of Varadaraju and he emotes humour by sitting in a wheelchair. Vishnu is apt as Sikander. Jeevan too gets an impressive role and he did his best. Raghu, Ravindra Vijay and others are decent.

Keedaa Cola is a small film but it is technically brilliant one. The cinematography work and the background score are the biggest supports of this dark comedy. Vivek Sagar delivers one more impressive work. Editing work is quite crisp. The dialogues of Tharun Bhascker worked well. All the other departments worked well.

Tharun Bhascker picks up a crime comedy and narrates it in a different manner through Keedaa Cola. All those who love this genre will love Keedaa Cola.

Telugu360 Rating: 2.75/5

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