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KE denies his role in Narayana Reddy murder


Vijayawada: Deputy Chief Minister K E Krishna Murthy had denied his involvement in the murder of YSR Congress leader Ch Narayana Reddy in Kurnool district on Sunday.

Speaking to media persons here, Krishna Murthy refuted the allegations leveled against him and his son Shyambabu by YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy. He said that he had never been associated with crime. “My politics are development-oriented and not crime-oriented,” Krishna Murthy asserted.

The deputy chief minister further said that he was elected to the Lok Sabha once and Assembly six times only because of his clean politics. He sought to advise the YSR Congress leaders to know the facts before making allegations against him.

He said that Narayana Reddy had several enemies in the Rayalaseema politics and wanted the YSR Congress leaders to know who was responsible for the murder. He said that he had been working to provide employment opportunities for the youth of Prathikonda Constituency after the TDP formed the government. He said his initiatives have prevented the youth from getting into the criminal and faction politics in the area. He was thus trying to put an end to the faction politics in his area, he asserted.

Krishna Murthy said that he had been an undisputed leader from the BCs in the undivided Andhra Pradesh and people of the two Telugu States are aware of his nature and politics. He denied having criminal background in his political career.

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KE demands Rs 1 lakh crore package to Rayalaseema


Deputy chief minister and revenue minister Krishna Murthy demanded Rs one lakh crore package to the development of Rayalaseema region. Addressing the media, he said, “I don’t know what the CM demanded from centre for Rayalaseema, a man from Rayalasseem, I demand a package of Rs one lakh crore to the region,” he said.

The differences between the deputy chief minister and Municipal administration minister P Narayana, blue eyed boy of CM Naidu, came to fore once again today. His comments on capital region land acquisition, which is being overseen by municipal minister Narayana, bears testimony to this.

Krishna Murthy said he doesn’t want to comment on Narayana’s statement that the government would acquire land in capital region by invoking Land Acquisition Act. The implementation LA act and getting the land acquired to the public purpose is normally the duty of revenue minister.

Here Revenue minister is totally out of loop as far as the land pooling and land acquisition in the capital region development authority is concerned. ” I don’t want to comment on what he said,” KE told media, stating that there is no need for invocation of Land Acquisition Act. ” I am hopeful that people would come forward to give away their lands to capital,” he said. In the same breath, the revenue minister cum deputy CM also said there was no need for further acquisition of land for the capital construction. He clearly stated that the revenue department had nothing to the with land pooling or land acquisition in the capital region.

He said the gramakantham lands (residential portion of villages) should be not be touched by the government, if they were in use.

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