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Legend Verdict: Super Hit

Release Date: 2014-03-28 AP/TS First Day: Rs. 7.03 Cr
AP/TS First Week: Rs. 23.00 Cr AP/TS Lifetime: Rs. 33.11 Cr
India First Week: Rs. 25.46 Cr India Lifetime: Rs. 36.71 Cr
Worldwide First Week: Rs. 27.30 Cr Worldwide Lifetime: Rs. 39.01 Cr
USA Locations: USA
USA Premiers: $ 0 K USA First Day: $ 0 K
USA First Week: $ 0 K USA Lifetime: $ 0 K


  • ALL INDIA 1st Week: Rs. 25.46 Cr | Final: Rs. 36.71 Cr
  • TELUGU STATES 1st Day: Rs. 7.03 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 23.00 Cr | Final: Rs. 33.11 Cr
  • NIZAM 1st Day: Rs. 1.80 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 6.30 Cr | Final: Rs. 8.35 Cr
  • CEDED 1st Day: Rs. 1.72 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 6.18 Cr | Final: Rs. 8.40 Cr
  • UA 1st Day: Rs. 0.51 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 2.16 Cr | Final: Rs. 3.70 Cr
  • GUNTUR 1st Day: Rs. 1.29 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 2.92 Cr | Final: Rs. 4.15 Cr
  • EAST 1st Day: Rs. 0.41 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 1.42 Cr | Final: Rs. 2.24 Cr
  • KRISHNA 1st Day: Rs. 0.47 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 1.61 Cr | Final: Rs. 2.35 Cr
  • WEST 1st Day: Rs. 0.43 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 1.36 Cr | Final: Rs. 2.20 Cr
  • NELLORE 1st Day: Rs. 0.40 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 1.05 Cr | Final: Rs. 1.72 Cr
  • ROI 1st Week: Rs. 2.40 Cr | Final: Rs. 3.60 Cr

    • Movie HeroNandamuri Balakrishna
    • Movie HeroineRadhika ApteSonal Chauhan
    Director: Boyapati Srinu

    Exclusive scoop – Why Legend “won” over Manam

    (This is an excerpt from an anonymous conversation with a jury member for 2014 awards. T360 didn’t validate some of the assertions he/she made)

    Nandi awards that were announced for 2014, 2015 and 2016 opened a can of worms. Of course, it is common that whoever did not receive awards will question the transparency of the process and ask why their film did not receive that coveted award. But this time, there is one unanimous opinion that Telugu people are not convinced with Manam movie losing it to Legend.

    A jury member for 2014 talked exclusively to Telugu360. The jury member wanted to remain anonymous as he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly on the issue. As per him, movies with rebirth concept, superstition, black magic are not eligible for awards. He said that this is part of by laws given to jury members. So they couldn’t give best feature film award for Manam movie as it would directly contradict bylaws of Nandi awards. (T360 didn’t independently verify if this is true) However they felt that if they didn’t give any awards it would be a major controversy and so wanted to accommodate that movie to pacify fans. So they gave it second best film and also gave awards in additional categories.

    However, the jury member mentioned that they didn’t think that there would be this kind of backlash. Now they are caught between devil and deep blue sea. They can’t publicly announce that Manam is not eligible for awards as they have given awards in other categories for the same movie.

    T360 also asked the same jury member if Legend deserves for 9 jury awards. He mentioned that a particular jury member has pushed agressively for this. That jury member also tried to influence 2015 awards. When he tried to do the same with 2016 awards, Pokuri Babu Rao didn’t entertain him.

    So it looks, the unwritten rule on rebirth is used by jury to grant best picture award to Legend but obviously, they did not expect this much wide reaction from public. And now that are in a quandary – not able to justify their current position. Probably this also shows how much more social media impact has grown in recent times!!!

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    TDP mark on AP-Nandi awards

    TDP mark on AP-Nandi awards

    At last, Nandi awards are announced for three years for 2014, 2015 and 2016. Though Nandi awards were always been with one or other controversy, this time the awards were to attract even more controversies as TDP mark is very much visible in the awards this time.

    Nandamuri Balakrishna starrer Legend movie won 9 awards for the year 2014 that include – best film, best actor (NBK) ,best villain (Jagapthi babu), best director (Boyapati), best fight master (Ram lakshman), Best writer (Ratnam) , Best singer (Vijay Yesudas) and best editor. What is more surprising is Legend beats “Manam” movie that bagged only second best film for 2014. Manam movie, that won critical acclaim as well as box office collections was definitely a better choice for best feature film compared to Legend. But somehow, jury chose NBK’s Legend movie. Another movie that lost to Legend is Chandamama Kathalu directed by Praveen Sattaru. Incidentally this movie won national award for Telugu regional film in 2014. Even best screenplay to AS Ravi Kumar to Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham was not convincing as screenplay for Chandamama Kathalu received rave reviews and was a strong contender.

    In 2015, Bahubali swept 15 awards leaving very little space for other films and individuals to win any other awards. However, TDP mark is again visible here as Dana Veera Shoora Karna bagged best children film award for 2015 and child artistes master NTR and baby Karunya won best child artistes awards. Of course not many contenders for best children film category though there are a few contenders for best child artists category.

    In 2016, Janatha Garage bagged 6 awards, including award for NTR as best actor (for both Janatha Garage and Nannaku Prematho). Boyapati, who worked for AP government’s programs like “pushkaralu” got B.N. Reddy award.

    Some people commenting, albeit satirically, NBK’s Gautamiputra released in 2017 for which awards are not yet announced. Had it been released in 2016 itself, probably that would have changed all the equations of 2016 awards and would have broken Legend movie’s “Nandi awards 2014” record !!!

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    Balakrishna repeating his heroines

    It is raining films for the tall beauty Sonal Chauhan. She had made her debut with Balayya in Legend and wowed the audiences with her spirited performance in Pandaga Chesko. Even before Pandaga Chesko released she had almost wrapped up her shoot in Size Zero being produced by PVP

    Sonal Chauhan
    Sonal Chauhan

    and being directed by Prakash Rao. In the last leg of her shoot that will take place in Bangkok with Kalyanram for Sher, Sonal is likely to begin her new film Dictator with Balakrishna next month. Balakrishna has repeated Radhika Apte as his heroine and Sonal too gets to do one more movie with him. There is no second heroine in Dictator. It is being shot with a mammoth budget of forty crore by Sriwass and Eros International is producing it.



    Telugu360 is always open for the best and bright journalists. If you are interested in full-time or freelance, email us at Krishna@telugu360.com.



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