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MAD Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating: 3/5

Sithara Entertainments bankrolled a small film titled MAD that is based on teenage and college fun. Kalyan Shankar is making his directorial debut with this entertainer. Sangeeth Shoban, Nithin Narne, Nithin Ram, Gouri Priya, Saanve Meghana and Anudeep played the lead roles in this quirky college entertainer. The trailer looks promising and the makers have planned special premieres as they are quite confident on the film. Bheems composed the music and the film has a strong technical team. MAD is hitting the screens today and here is the review of the film:


MAD has a simple plot and it is about three friends Manoj, Ashok and Damodar. All these three youngsters get admitted to an Engineering College. MAD is completely about their bonding and how they evolve by the time they complete their graduation. They also have individual love stories and MAD narrates their lives and how they impact their career.

For a film like MAD, there is no need for a strong plot. The director seems to have penned scenes, dialogues and made it into a film without concentrating on a plot. MAD is more about three innocent youngsters, their friendship, their love stories and the mad fun they did in their college. We can remind about several youthful films like Happy Days, 3 Idiots and Chichchore while watching MAD. Still, MAD offers a fresh feel and it makes a decent watch.

The lead actors have carried the film entirely on their shoulders. Most of the episodes are entertaining. College Principal speech, ragging episodes in the hostel, cheating in exams, flirting with girls, the war for canteen and other scenes are impressive. They bring a fresh feel. The basketball episode reminds of the cricket episode in Happy Days but it is entertaining.

MAD is a film that will appeal to the youth big time. There would be a lot of references that everyone would get related to. The director penned the oneliners well. There are no clashes between the three friends in MAD and the climax is presented in a casual manner.

The second half of MAD starts on a dull note and the film catches pace with the ladies hostel episode. The two songs in the second half are good. Director Kalyan Shankar played it safe focusing on the youthful elements and the best part of MAD is that the film has no space for vulgarity or double meanings. The love tracks should have been better. The interval bang looks forceful.

Sangeet Shoban steals the show and he is apt for his role. He performed with ease in most of the episodes. Ram Nithin is the next good performer in MAD and he impresses with his looks and comic timing. Narne Nithin was ok in his role. All the three lead actresses are ok. The youngster who played Laddu is the other best performer of MAD. All the other actors are good.

Kalyan Shankar impresses with his writing work and he made sure that the film happens on a comical note. The songs by Bheems are good and will impress the youth. The makers spent lavishly on MAD and the production values are grand. MAD is one film that should be given a watch without thinking of logics. For the youth, MAD is a treat.

Telugu360 Rating: 3/5

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