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Ugram Review – A Typical Cop Story !

Ugram Movie Review

Ugram Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

Story : CI Shiva kumar ( Allari Naresh) is a sincere police officer in Warangal city. He falls in love with Aparna ( Mirna Menon ), marries her against her dad’s wish. After 5 years of happy life, the family is shattered with an accident. Shiva loses his memory, his wife and kid disappears. Rest of the story is Shiva’s investigation to find his family .

Analysis :

Vijay Kanakamedala who made directorial debut with ‘Nandi’ film in 2021 had impressed critics. Expectations are adequate on his second attempt Ugram repeating the winning combination of Allari Naresh. The Ugram film opens in an interesting manner. The subsequent scenes also executed tightly and one will get an impression of witnessing a good film. But the feel could not sustain for long. Old school child sentiment track tests patience, followed by too much of cinematic liberty. Especially even after the house arrest CI roaming free in the name of investigation disengages the thinking brain. By the end, the film falls short of satisfaction. The series of missing persons thread raises curiosity but ends farcically. The expectation from this director is an intrigruing crime thriller but Ugram film is a typical mass pot boiler. Hero heroines performed well and rest of the cast has no significant roles.

The production values by Shine Screens are Excellent. There are two songs and both are shot with good budget. Music by Sricharan is Okay. The targetted mass audience might like this film on average scale but for others not a big deal.


  • Naresh in Sincere cop role
  • Production Values
  • Interesting opening


  • Prolonged fights
  • Unnecessary sentiment scenes

Verdict :

Ugram film takes off Good but falls slightly short of satisfaction by the end. Naresh is impressive, the patchy direction is the culprit. Overall this film might appeal to mass audience on average scale, for others not upto the mark.

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

Movie Name : Ugram
Cast : Allari Naresh and Mirnaa Menon
Release date: 14 April 2023 (India)
Director: Vijay Kanakamedala
Music by: Sricharan Pakala
Story by: Toom Venkat

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