TDP-BJP campaign on law and order threat to Vizag


Initially, all sections of Vizag population welcomed the Execution Capital status for their city. Now, they are not so happy about it. They are also discussing a lot about the future dangers lying in wait once all the Jagan Reddy family loyalists shift their dealings to Vizag. Already, in the past seven months, the settlement and land grabbing gangs have begun their activities in the city in a secret way. Jagan and his associates have amassed thousands of acres in three North Coastal districts during the YSR Regime itself. It was partly because of those shady land deals that Vizagites voters defeated Jagan mother YS Vijayamma in 2014 elections.

The TDP and BJP leaders are taking total advantage out of these fears of local Vizagites. The opposition leaders initially hesitatated to speak even a single word against Jagan 3 Capitals. But now, they are mostly raising the threat of law and order that may arise once Vizag becomes the seat of Jagan Reddy administration. TDP MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao, BJP MLC Madhav and other leaders are talking about the safety of Vizag public in future.

On the other hand, Jagan Circar is smartly passing on the benefits of its Cash Transfer welfare programmes first to Vizag poor people. The Ammavadi Rs 15,000 benefits are given to Vizag women in large numbers now.

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