TDP digging up Jagan’s Padayatra promises


Ever since coming to power, the ruling YCP is very cleverly saying that it will implement its Navaratnalu manifesto promises like the Bible. CM Jaganmohan Reddy has been repeatedly talking about this at every occasion and in the Assembly. But, even more cleverly, the TDP MLAs are digging up and demanding that Jagan should implement the countless impractical and unthinkable promises he made during his marathon Padayatra prior to the elections.

Now, the TDP embarrassed the ruling party in the Assembly by raising Jagan’s Padayatra promise which was to give welfare pensions to persons aged below 45 years. The YCP says that this promise is not included in the Navaratnalu manifesto which is why it’s not being implemented. But TDP asserts that Jagan has misled the people of Andhra into believing that their long-standing wishes like regularisation of outsourcing jobs will be fulfilled. The TDP is also presenting the proofs of Jagan’s promise on 45 years age limit for welfare pensions. Even clippings of the Sakshi newspaper are being shown. The same Padayatra that brought Jagan to power is giving a headache now.

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